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Disney’s Woke Backlash Leads to Nearly $1 Billion Loss

change badly. The House of the Mouse turned off its target audience because of woke propaganda. Disney’s woke backfire resulted in a loss of nearly a billion due to several films that didn’t hit the mark. Will the House of the Mouse change course or continue promoting woke values?

Disney’s Woke Backfire

The ‘Magic Kingdom’ has hit an iceberg. It’s a woke iceberg, leaving Disney’s Titanic sinking into an ocean of losses.

This catastrophe isn’t an overnight event but a slow, agonizing descent into the icy depths of financial setbacks, costing Disney $900 million. This isn’t a fantasy plot. It is reality.

Disney's woke backfire. Even leftist hate the company.

Source: Daily Caller

The Costly Wake of Wokeness

The fall began with a wave of high-budget, low-return movies. Sure, they were designed to echo progressive values but fell flat with audiences. ‘Lightyear,’ ‘The Little Mermaid,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ – they all crashed into the iceberg and sank.

Each movie was a gamble. Each gamble made the iceberg loom larger. Now, Disney’s ship is capsizing under the weight of its ambitions.

When Audiences are Turning Off the Channel


The audience is jumping ship. They were promised enchanting tales, but they got politics in disguise. Audiences were looking for an escape, a ticket to fantasy. They found a lecture on progressive values.

As Disney’s ‘Woke Titanic plunges deeper, the lights in cinema halls are dimming. The audience is leaving, popcorn boxes half-full. It’s a sad end to a joyride. It delivered a wake-up call to the Disney giant.

Disney’s Titanic didn’t just hit an iceberg. It rammed headlong into it. It took the ‘woke’ path and ended up in an ocean of financial woes. As we watch the once-mighty ship go under, we can’t help but wonder: Was it worth it, Disney? Or will you emerge wiser and ready for a course correction from the icy depths?

The Mouse’s Progressive Makeover Sparks Conservative Ire

Disney’s beloved characters didn’t just get a wardrobe change. They underwent a complete makeover. All in the name of progressive values. But the makeover involved more than just new clothes and diverse casting. It meant trading classic charm for contemporary politics.

Suddenly, Minnie Mouse was donning a Stella McCartney trouser suit. ‘Lightyear’ featured a same-sex kiss. The dwarves in Snow White? Wiped out to avoid ‘reinforcing stereotypes.’ And folks, let’s not forget the Black Ariel in ‘The Little Mermaid.’

Who designed Minnie Mouses' new look? | The US Sun

Source: The Sun

Parents Call Out Disney’s Woke Programming

But Disney’s woke transformation still needs to be met with universal applause, far from it. Parents, especially conservative ones, are sounding the alarm bells. Why? They claim Disney’s progressive agenda is crossing a line. The line between entertainment and indoctrination.

Instead of wholesome family entertainment, they get unsolicited social education. That’s not what they signed up for when they bought their tickets. It’s not what they want their kids to learn from a beloved cartoon mouse.

Wake-up Call: The Audience’s Verdict

As the credits roll, it’s clear that Disney’s woke transition has irked many parents. They feel betrayed, their trust in the magic of Disney replaced by a sense of intrusion. But Disney, the ball’s in your court. Will you stick to your progressive narrative or listen to your audience’s resounding outcry? Only the box office numbers can tell.


Disney+ Battles to Stay Afloat in a Sea of Red Ink

Disney+ once hailed as a savior, now resembles a leaky boat. Instead of bailing Disney out of its $900 million sinkhole, it’s struggling to stay afloat. It’s caught in a vortex of its creation.

Abandoning lucrative licensing deals was Disney+’s first mistake. It said ‘no’ to billions in potential revenue from Netflix and Amazon. Instead, it decided to play solo. A bold move? Maybe. A smart move? Not so much.

Disney+’s Struggle against the Current

Subscribers need to be flocking to Disney+ as hoped. Instead, they’re drifting away. Even as the service offers exclusive content, viewership is waning. When Disney+ should have been a lifeline, it’s become another anchor dragging Disney deeper into the red.

Disney+ was meant to showcase Disney’s content. Instead, it’s highlighting the company’s missteps. The service sinks further into red ink with each failed film. The situation looks dire.

Can Disney+ Stem the Tide?

With leaky content and a dwindling subscriber base, Disney+’s struggles are still ongoing. It’ll need more than exclusive content to get back in the black. They need to change. Until then, Disney’s flagship streaming service is barely treading water.

Go Woke, Go Broke? Disney+ Sees Record Loss - Disney Dining

Source: Disney Dining

A Woke Awakening or a Progressive Nightmare?

Disney’s woke journey is a rocky one. Under Bob Iger’s leadership, the company aimed for inclusivity. For fairness. For representation. But the question is – at what cost? The cost is the magic that made Disney… well, Disney.

From ‘dreamers of all ages’ to de-dwarfing Snow White, Disney’s progressive path has been well-trodden. Yet, this path needs to lead to blockbuster hits. Instead, it’s heading straight into a storm of controversy.


Turning Fairy Tales into Cautionary Tales

Disney has always been a storyteller. But the stories they’re telling now sound less like fairy tales and more like social commentaries. Some might call it brave. Others call it a complete misstep. The line between entertainment and politics seems blurred.

The changes Disney is embracing are not unnoticed. The public is watching. Parents are watching. Critics are watching. The verdict is loud and clear. The progressive experiment is costing Disney’s charm and future.

Has Disney Lost its Magic Wand?

Disney’s attempt to weave progressive narratives into its tales seemed a good idea. But the box office figures and dwindling subscriptions tell a different story. Disney magic might be fading, replaced by a harsh, woke reality. Only time will reveal the full impact of Disney’s radical transformation.

Disney’s Chief Woke Officer’s Swan Song

Now for the latest episode in our drama, we find Latondra Newton, Disney’s chief diversity officer, bidding farewell to the House of Mouse. Newton’s six-year ride, filled with the adoption of “woke” policies, has undoubtedly been a roller coaster. However, the thrill seems to have dwindled as her policies have sparked more controversy than applause.

Newton’s progressive attempts continued, replacing “fairy godmothers” with the more gender-neutral “Fairy Godmother’s Apprentices” at the theme parks’ dress-up boutiques. Under her supervision, the diversity and inclusion initiatives skyrocketed from 2017 onwards. The Mouse House aimed to produce entertainment that reflected a “global audience.” The attempt was commendable, but did it really hit the right notes with the core audience? The dropping numbers paint a bleak picture. Leaving the Mouse House behind, Newton plans to serve on a corporate board and focus on her creative company. As for Disney, the company remains silent on her departure, but Julie Merges, the senior VP of talent acquisition, will now manage her direct reports. How this move will affect the company’s policies and relationship with its core audience remains to be seen.

The Mouse that Roared but Squeaked a Fortune

Disney’s voice has always been strong. Iconic, even. But these days, its roar seems hollow. The profits are melting faster than Olaf in the summer sun. And the blame? It rests squarely on the mouse’s progressive makeover.

Disney’s turn towards wokeness still needs to bring in the box office gold. On the contrary, it’s sinking their fortunes. Movies that should be cash cows are turning into box-office flops instead. The mouse’s roar has a very costly echo.


Disney’s Progressive Values Costing a Fortune

Disney’s ongoing devotion to the woke movement is hitting hard in the hearts of its classic fans and bank accounts. Movies like ‘Lightyear’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’ showcase the cost of pushing a liberal agenda in beloved children’s entertainment.

In its quest for progress, the mouse has forgotten its core audience. Families. Kids. The heartwarming, simple tales are being lost amidst the noise of wokeness. The question remains – how long can Disney sustain these losses?


If Disney continues its progressive path, it’s walking on thin ice. The resulting losses are sounding a warning bell. A bell that’s ringing louder with each box office flop. One thing is clear – the mouse needs to find its tune again or risk losing its magic forever.

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Knife-Wielder Stalks New Yorkers – Bragg Says Crime a Problem

In a horrifying scene on Wednesday in New York City, a man holding a six-inch blade was spotted stalking musicians in Times Square. The crime occurred among hundreds of unsuspecting tourists. This scenario underscored an unsettling spike in crimes haunting the city for years, thanks to Alvin Bragg.

A Sinister Encounter Amid the Crowd

New York City’s buzzing Times Square is a spectacle of lights and crowds. The place turned into a stage for a chilling episode last Wednesday. A dangerous figure emerged amid the crowd of tourists and the lively ambiance. The man, clad entirely in red, sat conspicuously on a granite bench. He was on Broadway between West 43rd and 44th streets. Unfazed by the crowds, he brandished a six-inch knife in broad daylight.

Knife-wielding Times Square maniac granted supervised released

Source: NY Post

Predator on the Prowl

Amid the hustle and bustle, NYC photographer Richard Moore was the first to spot the threat. His keen eyes noticed the knife-wielding man as he began his sinister act. It wasn’t just the menacing weapon he held. The man seemed to be stalking the musicians performing nearby. Unaware of the lurking threat, the musicians, part of a Romanian band, continued their performance.

Suddenly, the man in red sprang from the bench, walking directly behind one of the musicians. The suspense was palpable. “I noticed he had this knife in one hand. He got close enough to one of the musicians to put his other hand on the musician’s shoulder,” Moore recounted.

Deqon Massiah

Source: NY Post

A City On Edge

In a city where crime rates have been a concern, this incident served as a stark reminder of the lurking threats in public spaces. As Moore dialed 911, each passing moment was fraught with tension. It was a tense wait for law enforcement to arrive on the scene.


Luckily, the ordeal ended without anyone getting harmed. NYPD arrived within 12 minutes, apprehending 22-year-old Deqon Massiah. He is now facing serious charges. This incident concluded without violence. Yet it reminds the city of the constant need for vigilance in public spaces.

A Tidal Wave of Crime in the Big Apple

Times Square’s recent unsettling episode is not an isolated incident. It is a drop in the ocean of NYC’s rising crime. From shocking attacks on unsuspecting tourists to rampant robbery incidents, the city’s been grappling with unsettling statistics. To put it into perspective, a Maryland man was slashed and robbed in 2022, while a visitor from San Diego was stabbed in the neck with scissors on New Year’s Eve. It’s clear as day; the Big Apple is in the throes of a significant crime wave.

Public Fear Versus Hard Data

This surge in crime has struck fear into the hearts of New Yorkers. According to a recent Siena College poll, 70% of NYC residents fear falling victim to crime. Surprisingly, 87% of New York State residents believe crime is a serious or somewhat serious problem. Such staggering figures point to a city on edge.

However, data tells a contrasting tale. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, in a recent interview, pointed to decreasing crime rates in NYC. He shared that hard crimes like shootings, murders, and robberies had decreased during the year’s first half. What he is saying does not fully align with public sentiment.

The disconnect between statistical data and public perception reveals a complex issue. While decreasing numbers are a positive sign, they may not necessarily reflect New Yorkers’ feeling of safety or security.

6 charged in alleged straw donor scheme to help get Eric Adams elected NYC  mayor | PIX11

Source: PIX 11

New York’s Controversial DA Alvin Bragg in the Spotlight

A controversial figure, Alvin Bragg has garnered both praise among Democrats and liberals. Championed as a reformer, he has made decisions that challenge tradition on criminal systems. Right now, these decisions throw him into the heart of the controversy.


Bragg has been accused of being lenient with violent criminals, a stance which has sparked widespread concern. To illustrate, he downgraded over half of the felony cases to misdemeanors during his first year in office. These led to numerous crimes that made the NYC subway a crime hotspot. One notable event was with Jordan Neely.

Public Perception and Consequences

It’s not just the critics raising their voices. Bragg’s admission of discomfort regarding crime rates, despite statistical evidence to the contrary. His confession about experiencing ‘a knot’ in his stomach when his family members board the subway has been met with mixed responses. His admissions make entirely him a liar for saying crime is down.

Public safety and its perception are two sides of the same coin. So, even as crime rates decrease, if the city’s inhabitants don’t feel safe, it presents a problem. It underscores Bragg’s challenge- reconciling his reformist approach with the urgent need to ensure public safety and confidence in the city’s criminal justice system.


Some of Bragg’s past choices have stirred public outrage. The lenient handling of violent criminals is a recurring theme. Notably, a career criminal was given a sweetheart deal, only to go on assaulting an innocent woman. Another instance saw an aggressive felon attack a store owner, who defended himself and ended up charged with murder.

While Bragg had admitted that crime is out of control in New York, we have yet to see him make any changes. The Manhattan DA needs to make hard changes to the city’s criminal system or New York needs to replace Bragg immediately.

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Kids Struggling with Math While Teachers Major in Wokeness

Folks, our children need serious help with their grades. The classes and activities they missed because of the pandemic left them the dullest knives in the drawer. Yet, National Education Association (NEA) and other teacher unions are complaining about removing critical race theory and other woke class lessons. Are they also crying about their student’s grades?

Line graph showing average score in NAEP reading over time for 4th and 8th grades. Data described below.

Source: Nations Report Card

A Serious Lesson in Failure

Our nation is in the grip of a silent crisis. A study reveals our children are now grappling with “slower than average growth in math and reading.” Now isn’t that a doozy? In an age of unparalleled technology and resources, our children are falling behind, failing to reach their full potential. Is this the American dream Biden promised?

Under the overbearing shadow of COVID-19, our youngsters have had their education hamstrung. Extended lockdowns, sporadic closures of schools, and constant shifts between online and in-person classes – it’s a chaotic mess! All this turbulence is costing our children not just their grades but also their futures.

Lockdowns: A Deadly Domino Effect

These extended lockdowns have hit our kids like a ton of bricks. They are losing ground in basic skills such as reading and math. What’s even more alarming? The gap between high and low performers is widening. This isn’t just an issue of academic loss. It’s a tragedy of lost potential. Our next generation of innovators, leaders, and changemakers are left floundering.

Remember, each day of learning loss is a step backward for our kids. So, the four extra months of schooling needed to bridge the learning gaps? That’s practically half an academic year gone down the drain. And we’re supposed to trust this administration with our children’s future? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Flunking The Basics

Ultimately, it’s clear that Biden’s handling of the educational system during the pandemic has been an abject failure. Instead of creating effective strategies to safeguard our children’s education, they’ve thrown them into the deep end. Our kids are not just struggling; they’re sinking. And while they flounder, Biden’s administration is busy patting itself on the back.


The Teachers Unions Go Woke - WSJ

Source: WSJ

National Education Association Out of Touch

There’s more to this alarming situation. Instead of tackling this educational emergency, our teacher unions are battling against what they call “racist” and “homophobic” school plans. That’s like worrying about a broken vase when the whole house shakes!

Groups like the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) seem to be more interested in defending LGBTQ+ students from Republican school plans than making sure kids can master the basics. Of course, every student should have a safe place to learn. But shouldn’t we first ensure they can read and write correctly?

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

Amid these challenges, NEA’s president, Becky Pringle, is turning heads. Instead of dealing with the problem of students falling behind, she’s all set to fight what she labels “racist, homophobic” talk. Becky, how about we fix the reading and math problems before stepping onto the “woke” stage?

The AFT, meanwhile, is following a different script. They’ve teamed up with a shadowy group called Campaign for Our Shared Future to battle against those mean Republicans. Yes, those same Republicans who think our kids should learn actual real history, not get filled with critical race theory.

The Bottom Line

Our kids face a significant learning crisis while our teachers’ unions are majoring in wokeness. Meanwhile, the Biden administration seems content to watch the educational bonfire burn. Our children deserve better. Our future needs better. It may be time to rethink who we entrust to our children’s education. If we’re not careful, our kids will be fluent in wokeness but unable to add two plus two.

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Illegal Migrant Children Face Dangerous Heat

The scorching summer heat has been unrelenting across the Rio Grande. Illegal migrant children are forced to traverse these hazardous conditions. In a fight for a better life, either border patrols find them, or they lose their future. The Biden administration is allowing this, resulting in the exploitation of illegal migrant children.

A Child’s Desperate Battle Against Texas Sun

The physical toll is undeniable in the South Texas border’s scorching climate. A Border Patrol agent, the unsung hero of this tale, recently became the lifeline for a small migrant child struggling under the brutal sun. Found on the bank of the Rio Grande, the child’s condition was dire. The Texas sun had been unrelenting, and severe dehydration had taken hold.

Upon discovery, immediate action was taken. The agent carried the child away from the riverside with precision and urgency. They moved quickly to provide necessary medical assistance. Dehydration, particularly after prolonged exposure to heat, could end the child’s journey. The agent’s swift response was crucial to the survival of this innocent life.

But the child’s journey doesn’t end here. The recovery process is long and serves as a stark reminder of the perils these children face. It’s not just about crossing a border. It was a fight for survival against the elements and the unforgiving Texas summer.

This ordeal makes us reflect on the urgent need for humane, just, and effective policies at the border. It’s about saving lives, not politics.

Migrant children recovering in the shade

Source: Yahoo News

Abandoned Illegal Migrant Children Amid Triple-Digit Heat

In the oppressive summer heat, another shocking incident surfaced. Ten unaccompanied minors were discovered near the edge of the Rio Grande River in Eagle Pass. These children were left alone in triple-digit temperatures. The merciless Texas sun showed no sign of mercy.


The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), responding swiftly, came to their rescue. Their intervention was just in time. The children were taken from the unbearable heat and given shelter. This quick response undoubtedly saved lives. But this alarming incident sheds light on the inhumane conditions these children are forced into.

Just days later, DPS made a significant arrest. An alleged human smuggler, accused of assisting five migrants in their perilous crossing of the Rio Grande, was taken into custody. These actions may seem isolated but are part of the bigger picture. They are reminders of the crisis unfolding at our borders. Every arrest made is a step towards justice. Every child saved is a beacon of hope in the face of overwhelming odds.

The narrative of the migrant crisis is one of despair and danger. The incidents on the Texas border underscore the need for practical and efficient border policies. The stakes are high, and the lives of innocent children hang in the balance.

Photos show Border Patrol saving migrant boy from drowning

Source: NBC News

Dodging Responsibility for the Crisis

While Democrats say the border crisis is improving, others disagree. A potent critique comes from Senator Josh Hawley. He questions Alejandro Mayorkas’ handling of border control. Hawley cites a dramatic increase in child smuggling during his tenure. The senator presents sobering data and case studies to explain brutal reality. Under the Biden administration, 345,807 children have crossed the border unaccompanied. The lingering question: who’s accountable?

Hawley calls for DHS Sec. Mayorkas to resign - TheBlaze

Source: The Blaze

The Perils of Unaccompanied Minors

Hawley’s critique is rooted in alarming reports of child exploitation and trafficking. This uptick has coincided with the Democrats’ ascension to power in 2021. Critics argue that the surge is a direct consequence of the administration’s policy. During the tense exchange with Mayorkas, Hawley quoted a CBS report. It suggests the Biden administration’s policies emboldened smugglers. These criminals assure migrant youth of a safer future in the United States.


The Grim Reality of Child Labor

Hawley recounted gut-wrenching tales of children performing grueling labor in America. These children were subjected to arduous tasks. They are either packaging cereals in factories or toiling in slaughterhouses overnight. These are all in blatant violation of child labor laws. These young laborers endure intense pressure to earn money to pay off smuggling fees. Critics equate this grim situation with modern-day indentured servitude. It is a shocking reality that unfolded under the new administration’s watch.

Hawley shocks everyone with the approximate number of children lost by the administration. Approximately 85,000, as per The New York Times, are missing. These children are modern-enslaved people with no measures to safeguard their welfare. This calls into question the real-world impact of policies from the Biden administration. Critics argue the administration is more about improving political optics. They do not care about child safety.


As the border crisis unfolds, the question of who is to blame is gaining momentum. Some argue that the blame rests on the shoulders of the Biden administration. They point to its policies that resulted in a surge of child trafficking.

More migrant children are still coming to the US and risking their lives for a better life. When will the Biden administration address the migrant crisis to prevent more deaths? Time will tell.

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Sex Trafficking in Camp Pendleton: Marine Taken Into Custody

A 14-year-old girl was found inside the barracks of Camp Pendleton Marine Base. A marine was exploiting the teen under the administration’s nose. This troubling saga will have you questioning the sanctity of our military institutions.

Camp Pendleton’s Dark Secret

The disheartening crux of this sordid tale? A Marine smuggles a vulnerable 14-year-old girl onto the base. The trafficked teen found refuge in the unlikeliest of places. Right within the walls of the secure military base. A chilling testament to the fallibility of even the most fortified.

A minor brought onto the premises of a military base raises the alarm. The security team at Camp Pendleton can stop this very kind of infiltration. Yet, a child could pass the stringent checks. Are protocols a blatant indictment of the base’s security apparatus?

Where was the administration when all this was transpiring? The fact that such a crime could unfold right under their noses implicates them. Their oversight has left a permanent mark on Camp Pendleton’s reputation.


♬ original sound – Casaundra Perez

The TikTok Revelation

Into this storm steps Casaundra Perez, the victim’s aunt. Brave and forthright, Perez broadcasts a shocking narrative to the world via TikTok, fueling this fiery scandal.

In her videos, Perez confronts the harsh reality of her niece’s situation. She depicts a horrifying picture, “The security looked her in the face and allowed this man to bring a minor onto the base where he then proceeded to have sex with her,” she claims. Her stark and chilling assertions are a damning indictment of the base security’s lack of vigilance.


Perez is no fool. She understands the implications of speaking out against a military establishment. She’s candid about her fears of retaliation, stoking public sympathy and concern. Who wouldn’t be moved by her plea, “I would just like to preface this video, I did not kill myself, if I go missing or end up murdered…”

Perez’s TikTok revelations act as an accelerant in this scandal, further igniting public outrage and disbelief. Her account serves as a poignant reminder that the price of silence can be too high, even in the face of potential danger. It’s a call to arms for transparency and justice, no matter how powerful the accused might be.

The Anonymous Marine

A shocking sight – a Marine in handcuffs led away from the base. A sight that symbolizes a deep betrayal of trust. A Marine has been detained in connection with the case, and rightfully so, but the mystery deepens as his identity remains undisclosed.

Who is this unnamed Marine? And how could he commit such a horrific act under the watchful eyes of his comrades and superiors? These questions persist, gnawing at our sense of justice and fairness.

The specter of this unidentified Marine looms large over the Camp Pendleton scandal. His anonymity breeds suspicion and distrust, further tarnishing the military’s image. It’s a glaring reminder that monsters can lurk anywhere, even among the ranks of our supposed protectors.

Police take a Marine into custody on June 28, 2023, at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, Calif., in connection with a teen who was missing for 18 days.

Source: NBC News

A Touch of Wokeness

At a glance, the situation at Camp Pendleton may seem like a simple case of criminal negligence. But, as we delve deeper, a disturbing pattern emerges that aligns with the recent “woke” mandate permeating our military.

There’s been a shift in military focus. More time is spent on diversity and inclusion training than on core duties like base security. While there’s no denying the importance of promoting equality, the question arises – has it come at the cost of essential safeguards?


Sadly, this case is a grim testament that you can’t fix systemic issues with mere virtue signaling. While the upper echelons proudly proclaim their woke credentials, a 14-year-old was allegedly trafficked under their noses. The irony is as bitter as it is heartbreaking.


The Camp Pendleton scandal should serve as a wake-up call. It underscores the need for fundamental, practical changes, not just trendy, feel-good initiatives. The military’s duty is, first and foremost, to protect and serve. Let’s hope they remember that before their woke mandate further leads to more controversial problems.

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Cocaine Chaos Crashes The White House

There’s never a dull moment in Washington, such as Sunday when a bag of cocaine was discovered within the West Wing. The Secret Service investigates how the bag was smuggled in while press secretaries are dodging questions. Of course, we do not have to play ignorant since we know who was using the white powder.

Cocaine Dropped in the West Wing

Believe it or not, folks, the hallowed halls of our nation’s capital got an unexpected dusting this cocaine this past Sunday. The Secret Service, known for their eagle-eyed vigilance, chanced upon a substance within the White House!

Now, remember, this isn’t just any old house. This is THE White House, the most secure place in America – a fortress equipped with cutting-edge surveillance systems, patrolled by elite agents trained to spot a freckle from a mile away. Someone could smuggle a bag of illegal drugs within the White House under their noses. What if this was Anthrax? A dangerous substance that is lethal to anyone simply touching it.

How did this notorious party drug find its way into the sacred confines of American politics? Was it planted? Misplaced? Left behind like an errant party favor? The Secret Service isn’t letting any speculation pass them by. They’re scrutinizing everyone from White House personnel to the most unsuspecting visitors.

Theories suggest that the bag of the devil’s dandruff might have been smuggled in during one of the weekend tours, but given the White House’s high security, it’s hard to swallow. Unless that person happens to be a family member of the president.

But here’s the part that leaves a bitter taste. Everyone knows who owns it, and no one in the White House is owning up to it or admitting it. Who else has access to the West Wing and has a public record of drug addiction?


Karine Jean-Pierre dodges question alluding to Hunter Biden's attendance at White House state dinner | Fox News

Source: Fox News

Dodging the Cocaine Questions

In the wake of the West Wing’s ‘cocaine snowfall,’ the White House press corps naturally turned to Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary. They demanded answers, as did we all. But instead of clarity, we got a dazzling display of verbal gymnastics that would make a seasoned circus performer envious.

When quizzed about the peculiar find, Jean-Pierre offered a response as clouded as a snow flurry. She prattled on about the common area being “heavily traveled” by visitors. Do you agree with a rather feeble attempt to throw us off the scent?

Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates didn’t fare any better. Bates resorted to a trick as old as politics itself – evasion. When confronted with whether the cocaine could have belonged to President Biden or his son, Hunter Biden, Bates played the Hatch Act card. Yes, you heard it right. The Hatch Act, legislation designed to prevent federal employees from abusing their power for political gain, became Bates’s smoke screen.

White House says cocaine found in 'heavily traveled' part of West Wing - MarketWatch

Source: Market Watch

Even Vegas Bookies Get in on the Action!

While Washington squirms and sidesteps, Las Vegas bookies have their theory. Yes, folks, our great nation’s betting hotspots have Hunter Biden as the favorite culprit in this cocaine caper. Travis Kelce, a Jonas Brother, and even Angelina Jolie made it to the list. And if that’s not enough, Costa Rica-based sportsbook Bovada Tony Montana from “Scarface” at +50000 odds.


With the nation watching and waiting for answers, will the Biden administration step up and offer clear, concise responses? Will they sweep this under the rug or find a fall guy to take Hunter Biden’s blame? Only time will tell.

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Gun-Toting BLM Transgender Terrorizes Philadelphia

On July 4th, a man with a gun turned the streets of Philadelphia into a place of fear. He wore a bulletproof vest and shot five people dead while hurting two children. The man, named Kimbrady Carriker, is a 40-year-old supporter of Black Lives Matter (BLM). This shocking event points out the problems with how Democrats, including President Biden, want to handle guns and stop crime.

BLM Transgender Activist Turns Gunman

Kimbrady Carriker, a Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporter, shocked the world. His violent acts reveal a hidden and dangerous side of these equality movements. They can lead people to act out in terrible ways. And this was clear in the tragedy caused by Carriker.

The Distorted Lens of BLM Activism

Carriker supported the BLM movement. He used social media to talk about it. Sadly, his posts turned dark. He began to share pictures and messages about guns. It was a scary hint of the awful act he would later commit.

LGBTQ+ Advocacy Veiling Violence

Carriker also supported LGBTQ+ rights. He would share pictures of himself dressed in women’s clothing. But behind these posts was a growing interest in guns and violence. This showed that movements like these could lead to dangerous behavior.

This is a scary new reality. We need to address the violence hiding behind these movements. Carriker’s actions should be a warning to us. We must ask ourselves: are we promoting social justice or just creating more violence? We need to think about this seriously.

Image shows police at the crime scene

Source: BBC


The Philadelphia Massacre: A Night of Horror

On Monday night in Philadelphia, a peaceful neighborhood turned into a war zone. In the blink of an eye, a quiet street became a place of horror.

Reign of Terror Unleashed

Carriker, the man responsible, was heavily armed and wearing a bulletproof vest. He randomly shot at people, killing five and hurting two children.

The first victims were four men who were outside. The last one was inside a house. The two hurt children were a 2-year-old boy and a 13-year-old boy. Both were shot in the leg.

Standoff Ends, The Nightmare Continues

Police chased Carriker and finally caught him in an alley. But the terror didn’t stop there. As things got quiet again, the true horror of what happened sank in.

This event shocked not only Philadelphia but the whole country. It’s a sad example of what can happen when violence goes unchecked. We must never forget this tragic event. It’s a harsh reminder of the real-world impact of gun violence.

Police canvas the scene of Monday night's deadly shooting in Philadelphia's Kingsessing neighborhood.

Source: NY Post

The Left’s Indoctrination to Radicalism

Our probe revealed a scary link between the shooter Carriker and some radical groups. These include the Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ community. These groups can sometimes be quite close-minded. Their strong influence could be a danger.

From Support to Extremism

Online, Carriker’s journey from a peaceful supporter to a violent actor is clear. He liked the Black Lives Matter movement, posting about their rallies. He also backed the LGBTQ+ community, even posting pictures of himself dressed as a woman.


This change didn’t just happen. It came from a culture that can sometimes encourage hostility. The sad result was a deadly night in a usually peaceful area called Kingsessing. This event reminds us how risky these radical movements can be. It’s time to reflect and change.

A Reflection on Biden’s Dismal Approach

Biden’s poor leadership is glaring. His attempts to tackle violence in America are falling short, as shown by the horrible event in Philadelphia. People expected a safer America under Biden. But we’re seeing empty words, not real action.

Failing the 2nd Amendment

Biden’s time as president is marked by a continuous attack on the 2nd Amendment. He thinks the way to stop violence is to stop people from owning guns. But the Philadelphia event shows this approach doesn’t work. It doesn’t get to the heart of the problem – the rise of radicalism and extremism in our society.

Violence is not only committed by gun owners who follow the law. People like Carriker do it. Radical ideas influence them and use guns for harmful actions, not for defense.

As we look closely at this terrible event, it’s evident that the issue is not the 2nd Amendment. It’s a system failing to control the growth of radical ideologies. Biden should focus on the real problem, not on taking away the rights of law-abiding American citizens.

Source: NY Post

Democrats’ Crime Dilemma: A Historical Perspective

A keen look at history offers insight into Democrats’ dismissive approach to crime. Tragically, the rise in crime under Biden’s administration is not a new phenomenon but a grim continuation of the trends seen under previous Democrat-led administrations. The liberal approach to criminal justice seems mired in a troubling pattern of overlooking the actual problems while making flashy but ultimately ineffectual promises of reform.

The Need for Real Solutions

During the Obama era, crime rates escalated, particularly in major cities. Policies aimed at reducing prison populations, often painted with broad strokes of leniency, inadvertently increased recidivism. Yet, Democrats, instead of acknowledging these failures, persisted with policies that led to the degradation of public safety.


Fast forward to today, and we see the same inaction from the Democrats. Ignoring the cries for justice from victims of these violent crimes, they continue to play the blame game, targeting law-abiding citizens and their constitutional rights instead of addressing the real issue. The Philadelphia mass shooting is another harsh reminder that it’s time to revise its approach and implement effective strategies to curb crime. Otherwise, we risk further violence as a grim reality of America’s future.

A Call for Genuine Leadership

Strong leadership requires a clear vision, unyielding commitment, and accurate solutions. To address America’s growing crime epidemic, we need leaders willing to confront the problem head-on instead of passing the buck. Policies should prioritize public safety and respect for law-abiding citizens’ rights rather than fueling divisive narratives.

Trump’s Legacy of Strength

Under President Trump, we saw the impact of decisive action. Trump’s commitment to law and order led to a drop in crime rates. His administration worked diligently to back law enforcement, addressing the root causes of crime rather than pandering to divisive political narratives. This relentless approach starkly contrasts the current administration’s indecisiveness and inaction.

America needs leaders who will prioritize justice over political expediency. Authentic leadership means putting the safety and rights of citizens first. Only then can we hope to see an end to senseless tragedies like the Philadelphia mass shooting? Until then, we must hold our leaders accountable and demand real solutions.

For weeks since Floyd's killing, protesters have taken to Portland streets.

Source: CNN

The Lurking Threat of Radicalization

In this era of political divisiveness, the rise of radical groups has become a serious concern. Groups cloaked in the guise of social justice have a troubling penchant for embracing violence and sowing discord. The democratic landscape has sadly become a fertile ground for such destructive ideologies. Their reckless tolerance for these dangerous factions underscores an apparent lack of understanding of their genuine threats to our nation’s unity and security.

The Necessity for Real Leadership

There’s no denying that we need a proven leader who can decisively address these dangers. A leader who puts America first defends our constitutional rights and relentlessly fights for law and order. That leader is none other than Donald J. Trump.

Under Trump’s committed leadership, we saw a prioritization of peace and law enforcement, a focus on the real issues driving crime, and an uncompromising stance against radical groups threatening our democracy. With such strong leadership, we can curb the alarming trends we’re witnessing and restore safety and order to our communities.


In conclusion, we must wake up to our troubled times’ realities. Radical ideologies should have no place in our society. To tackle this crisis head-on, America needs the return of genuine leadership. Leadership that understands the value of unity, the importance of law and order, and the true meaning of serving the American people. We need Donald Trump.

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Parents Fight the Woke Montgomery County Public School

Maryland’s Woke Montgomery County Public School System is at the forefront of an unsettling saga. A great crowd of parents is crying foul, demanding a suitable option for their kids to opt out of a woke school district’s curriculum. Their curriculum introduces lessons and books on LGBT themes. The school is causing stark conflicts with their deep-rooted religious beliefs.

The Woke Montgomery County Public School

Muslim and Christian parents across Maryland are grappling with a woke school district. Their children are being thrust headfirst into the whirlpool of the LGBT discourse. They are hardly old enough to know about intercourse. The lessons are not by choice but by an iron “woke” decree.

The Unseen Hand Behind the Controversy

This agenda came from the woke Montgomery County Public School System. The system underlines the undemocratic process in which it was born. “Decisions were made” Zainab Chaudry, director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Maryland, said. The school board acted alone. They supersede the rightful authority of parents in matters that affect their children.

The decision is evident in its blatant disregard for family and religion. A system that once prided itself on nurturing the minds of the young is now intent on imposing a one-size-fits-all narrative. It’s a silent war. Parents are fighting on the grounds of ideological domination. Meanwhile, their children are in the crossfire.

The Verdict: A Threat to Personal Liberty

The school system’s approach raises an urgent question about the sanctity of personal liberty. How can an external entity remove the choice to preserve a child’s innocence? It’s an unnerving precedent, a stark reminder of how personal freedom can be trampled under the iron grip of a radical agenda. A wake-up call for every parent, a siren for every freedom-loving citizen.

Let us heed the clarion call and stand firm against this imposition. This is not merely a battle for our children’s education. It’s a battle for the heart and soul of the values that hold our nation together.


Muslim fight the woke Montgomery County Public School

Source: Fox News

Parents’ Plea for Rights Ignored

The parents in question aren’t seeking to ban books or stifle discourse. They are voicing a plea for their rights as parents, their constitutional liberties, and the sanctity of their beliefs. All they want is a say in their children’s exposure and when.

The Conflict With the Woke Montgomery County Public School

The issue lies in the denial of this choice. Parents are responsible for safeguarding their children’s innocence. They are now confronting a school system taking away their fundamental rights. Scholls are now making decisions for their offspring. A system that forces children to join in discussions on degenerate issues. These issues include lifestyle choices, gender identities, and alternative familial structures.

The Montgomery County Public School System disregards parents’ voices. Ignoring their pleas is a glaring violation of the First Amendment. Parents are not seeking to instigate conflict but to exercise their rights. Yet, these cries for justice are being overlooked.

Whose Role Is It Anyway?

It’s a question of role definition. Schools must educate, not indoctrinate. The woke Montgomery County Public School System has blurred these boundaries.

It’s about respecting the diversity of beliefs, acknowledging the rights of parents, and understanding the sensitivity of the young minds we are molding.

The Democrats’ Dangerous Dance with Freedom

It’s a dangerous dance and one the Democrats are increasingly becoming comfortable with. One revolves around sacrificing individuals’ liberties for the illusion of progress. This latest move by MCPS – a system operating under the state governed by Democrats – represents yet another step in this dance.

Under the guise of inclusive education, these policies resemble more of a shackle than a step forward. The lack of choice provided to parents is a reminder of this growing trend of dismissing freedoms. While content may not align with every family’s values, the right to choose should be given. Yet, this right has been swept under the rug.


Dismissing Individual Freedoms

Being made to work with stuff, even if you disagree with it, means that personal freedom isn’t respected. This can feel like how the Democrats often care more about group goals than individual rights.

The event in Montgomery County isn’t just a one-off. It’s a sign of a bigger problem where parents’ rights are not respected, all in the name of progress. It’s where differences are ignored to make everything the same for everyone. This risky situation could harm the way our society works.

A Glimpse into a Chilling Future

Peering into this unsettling future, we witness the erosion of fundamental freedoms. The prospect is chilling, a world where the state dictates supersede parental decisions.

This precedent, set by MCPS under the approving eyes of Democrats, raises significant concerns. Today’s denial of opt-out rights could be the denial of other fundamental liberties tomorrow. What happens when the scope extends beyond the curriculum? What happens when it begins to infringe upon every aspect of life?

The Chilling Echoes of Control

Are we looking at a future in which personal values, beliefs, and principles belong to collective ideology? A future where diversity in thought is dismissed in favor of a state-approved narrative? This disturbing echo of control grows louder with each decision, like the one made by MCPS.

In the face of this encroaching reality, we are left with one option – to resist. The parents protesting in Montgomery County aren’t just standing up for their children. They’re standing for a future where individual rights aren’t trampled upon in the name of an agenda. The chilling future we glimpse today requires our collective courage to change its course tomorrow.


Psaki’s Dubious Dance: Misrepresenting Muslim Views

Former press secretary Jen Psaki made a confusing statement on her show. She made a misleading explanation of Muslim parents’ battle against LGBT topics.

Psaki hinted that the Republican party had tricked Muslim Americans. Muslims should not support the teachings of transgender people. She suggests Republicans are causing trouble between Muslims and transgender folks. The rift makes things difficult in our society. She claims Muslim Americans are political pawns. Of course, she does not have proof of such claims.

But people have responded to Psaki’s comments. Ismail Royer, who is in charge of a team at the Religious Freedom Institute, voiced his concerns. He said Psaki’s words were not fair to Muslims. Psaki implies that Muslims can’t think or make choices on their own. His reaction shows the big mistake in Psaki’s efforts. She is trying to make a personal religious belief into a political issue.

Fear-Mongering: Psaki’s Tactic of Choice

In the same part of her show, Psaki tried to make Muslims scared of the Republican party. She hinted at rumors that President Obama was secretly pushing for Sharia law. She said that the Republicans used this story to scare Americans. But she did not notice that it is Democrats who lack respect for religious freedom.

This problem is what makes Muslim parents nervous. The Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) disagrees with Psaki. CAIR is one of the most prominent Islamic groups in the country. Edward Ahmed Mitchell from CAIR made it clear. Muslim parents and children will stand up for their religious rights. His response showed that Psaki was wrong. Muslims are no one’s political pawns.

Mitchell also criticized MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan. The host is not sharing the real worries of Muslim families. Mehdi instead accuses the parents of being tools for the political right.

Muslim community waking up to 'unholy alliance' with Democratic party amid battle over parental rights | Fox News

Source: Fox News

The Assertion of Faith: A Rejection of Partisan Politics

Adding to the voices against Psaki’s statements, Sameerah Munshi from the Coalition of Virtue also spoke up. She disagreed with the idea that Muslims should just blindly follow the left on every issue. She powerfully said, “Our faith is not a political party, and our people are not backward.”


The problem with teaching about gender in school isn’t just an issue in America. Muslim parents in Canada are also speaking out against teaching about LGBTQ+ topics. They were protesting outside the office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Parents are yelling, “Leave our kids alone.” This outcry from around the world makes it even harder to believe Psaki’s story. There is no proof Republicans are tricking Muslims.

The Urgency for Open Dialogue

In the end, Jen Psaki’s attempt to frame the GOP as the boogeyman in this complex issue overlooks the fundamental premise of religious freedom. Like all individuals, Muslims have the agency to make decisions based on their beliefs and should not be discredited or manipulated for political ends.

The silence from MSNBC when reached out for comments highlights the need for an open dialogue about the intersection of faith, education, and politics rather than deploying fear-mongering tactics to push a specific narrative.

Maryland LGBTQ counter-protestors

Source: Fox News

A Dire Need for Change

The events unfolding in Montgomery County serve as a stark wake-up call. They remind us that our freedoms are far from invulnerable. Again, battle lines drawn not just in Maryland but across our nation, wherever the rights of parents and students are at stake.

Despite the unsettling developments, there’s a beacon of hope in the form of individuals standing up for their rights. The demonstration by these parents showcases the power of unity against an oppressive system. Their courage to speak up gives us hope for a future where diversity of thought isn’t merely tolerated but celebrated.

In Need of a Strong Leader

Such instances only highlight the dire need for a leader who respects the sanctity of individual rights. It reminds us of the tenacity of leaders like Donald Trump, who stood unwavering in his commitment to the American values of liberty and justice. His leadership serves as a stark contrast to the current regime’s trampling of freedoms.

Thus, our collective resistance is crucial. It is not merely about opting out of a school curriculum but about standing up for the core values that define us as a nation. This resistance will pave the way for our desired change, leading us toward a brighter and more accessible tomorrow.


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Bud Light Boycott Leads to Plant Closure & 600 Job Loss

In a staggering display of corporate misstep, Bud Light’s botched promotional tie-up with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney has led to a dramatic plunge in sales. The Bud Light boycott, fueling the rising public resentment against political correctness, has caused the shutdown of two glass bottling plants.

A Swift and Bitter Aftermath

The decline started in April, just days after Mulvaney’s promotional video aired. Bud Light’s sales started to nosedive. Production at the Ardagh Group’s bottling plants began to slow.

The Impact of Falling Sales

The demand reduction was not a mere inconvenience or a hiccup you can fix with a corporate apology. It was a harbinger of a crisis, a painful ripple effect that began manifesting in the worst way.

In an internal Ardagh Group memo obtained by WRAL, it became clear that the company planned to shut down the two plants. The reason? “Slow sales with Anheuser-InBev,”

What followed was the unfortunate yet predictable result of the Bud Light fiasco. The Ardagh Group announced the closure of its North Carolina and Louisiana plants. The doors were closing, and machines were shutting down. Over 600 workers suddenly became jobless, victims of a misguided corporate attempt to chase a social trend.

The Ardagh Group announced last week it was shutting down its Wilson, North Carolina, bottling plant (pictured), which employs about 400 people

Source: Daily Mail


Corporate Misstep, Workers’ Misery

These diligent workers were left in the dust. They paid the highest price for a corporate misstep, a wrong business decision. They were facing the uncertainty of a future without a steady paycheck, the ones left to grapple with the fallout of a decision made in some distant boardroom.

Their stories are a stark reminder. A warning about the dangers of corporations overstepping their bounds, of diving headfirst into social issues at the cost of jobs, stability, and the same product they set out to sell.

Unsold Bottles, Unhappy Workers, Unending Controversy

As Bud Light’s popularity plummeted, warehouses filled up with unsold bottles. Wholesalers received word that the company would repurchase the unsold stock. AB is scrambling to cut losses and mitigate the damage of a disastrous marketing ploy. This news spelled chaos for distributors nationwide. They were left grappling with returning unsold bottles, a tedious and costly venture.

In their attempts to fix the issue, Anheuser-Busch removed two of their marketing executives. Daniel Blake and Alissa Heinerscheid were blamed for the woke Dylan Mulveney promotion that led to the death of the brand.

Unhappy Workers and A Hopeless Future

On the other side, the workers in the North Carolina plant were told the bitter truth. Their plant was closing its doors. Jobs were lost. And the reason? The Bud Light boycott.

David Williams, a machine repair mechanic, quoted his manager, “‘Because of Budweiser no longer selling the bottle, they no longer needed our product.” This statement underscored the harsh reality the workers faced. The declining sales of one brand undermine their skill, sweat, and dedication. Their future is tied to a company that failed to foresee the possible backlash of a controversial marketing move.

The Controversy Rages On

Despite all these repercussions, the controversy shows no sign of slowing down. As job losses mount, the storm of public outrage continues to rage. The Bud Light-Mulvaney promotional saga is now infamous, a cautionary tale echoing across industry corridors.

Even with Bud Light’s attempts to douse the flames—discounting beer, offering rebates, launching new ad campaigns—the fire refuses to die down. Their hasty band-aid solutions seem to be doing little to repair the damage done. The controversy continues, the backlash lingers, and the sales slide downward.



Source: Fox News

Democrats’ Silence Echoes as America Loses Jobs

Jobs are disappearing. More than 600 Americans are now jobless due to Bud Light’s corporate blunder. Amid this, the silence from President Joe Biden’s administration and the Democratic party is glaring. Not a word of consolation. Not a word of condemnation. Just silence. It’s an unsettling silence that underlines their nonchalance toward the plight of working-class Americans.

A Deafening Silence Amid Rising Crime Rates

It’s not just job loss that’s being ignored. Crime rates are soaring across American cities. A steady increase in violence and lawlessness is haunting our streets. Despite this, the Democrats, traditionally champions of social justice, have looked the other way.

Where are the decisive actions to curb this rising wave of crime? Where are the policy measures to provide solace to American citizens? These questions remain unanswered.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Source: Politico

Ignoring the Economic Impact

It’s about the economy. The downfall of Bud Light’s sales signals broader economic distress. It represents hundreds of indirect job losses, decreased market activity, and a shrinking tax base.

Yet, the Democrats remain silent. There needs to be word on how they plan to mitigate these losses or prevent similar missteps in the future. There’s no clear policy to steer American corporations away from politically charged marketing tactics that risk jobs and market stability.

This deafening silence from the Democrats is a harsh reminder of their detachment from the concerns of everyday Americans. At a time when our nation needs strong leadership to navigate the turbulent economic waters, this silence is unsettling. It’s high time we demand more from our leaders. We need action, not silence. We need policy, not politics. And above all, we need justice for the hardworking Americans caught in the crossfire of corporate blunders.


A Hard Lesson in Politics and Beer

The Bud Light fiasco serves as a bitter lesson. It’s a stark reminder that beer and politics are a volatile mix. Corporate giants should stick to what they do best – brewing beer, not brewing controversies. The results can be disastrous when they stir social issues into their brew.

The actual cost of this debacle is not measured in declining sales. It is counted in lost jobs and workers’ lives like David Williams. These are the people who paid the price for Bud Light’s misstep. They found themselves out of work due to a decision made miles away in a corporate boardroom. Their livelihoods fell victim to the whims of corporate America’s misguided attempts at social activism.

Demand More From Our Leaders

As we navigate this incident’s fallout, remember to demand more from our leaders. Their silence in the face of massive job losses is unacceptable. They step up, speak out, and take tangible actions to support those affected. Our workers deserve better.

Bud Light’s stumble should be a wake-up call. It’s time we question corporations’ roles in society. Their attempts at activism should never come at the cost of jobs or market stability. It’s time we demand they stick to their roles as producers and contributors to our economy, not as activists stoking societal divisions.

This Bud Light saga serves as a sobering reminder. It’s a hard lesson in the perils of mixing beer and politics. As we grapple with its aftermath, let’s work towards a future where corporations stick to what they do best, leaders stand up for their people, and beer is just beer – a cause for celebration, not controversy.

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