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Let’s Go Brandon Flag – Clever Protest Against Biden

Let's Go Brandon Flag – Clever Protest Against Biden

Republicans have been waving Let’s Go Brandon flags to protest Biden for months. What does the flag mean, and who is Brandon? We answer both questions below. 

Origin of the Let’s Go Brandon Flag Meme

The Let’s Go Brandon flag dates back to October 2021 during the Nascar Xfinity Series Sparks 300 race. As driver Brandon Brown was being interviewed after his big win, people in the crowd started saying, “Fuck Joe Biden.”. But the reporter from NBC Sports thought they were cheering for Brandon and said, “Let’s go, Brandon.”

That mix-up, the internet meme, was born. Many people who didn’t like Biden started using “Let’s Go Brandon” instead of the mean chant. You could find it on t-shirts, at events, or in popular songs.

This meme has done well because it fits into our current political times. We live in an era where people have extreme opinions, and memes like this can be used to say something political. Unlike other ways of talking about politics, memes let people share their views without being too direct or rude.

Let's Go Brandon Flag

Source: Today

Some people don’t like the meme because they think it’s disrespectful to the president. They think memes like “Let’s Go Brandon” can make political discussions less friendly. But others think it’s a way to use their freedom of speech and show they’re not happy with the current government.

It might seem strange that a meme can cause such an extensive conversation. But social media has a lot of influence on how we talk about politics. The “Let’s Go Brandon” meme shows us this, reminding us how a simple phrase can represent a political view.

Let’s Go Brandon Merchandise in the News

Ron DeSantis PAC Gear

Not one to waste an opportunity on a good meme, Ronald DeSantis PAC made a move similar to Trump by releasing various gear with hilarious messaging. He was selling Let’s Go Brandon shirts, Let’s Go Brandon hats, Let’s Go Brandon flags, and other gear for his re-election campaign in 2022. 


School District Censorship

A Michigan Tri-County middle school district banned students from wearing Let’s Go Brandon sweatshirts to class. The student’s mother filed a suit against the district when her sons were forced to remove the “offensive” garments. 

The school claims their sweatshirt was vulgar and not fit for their campus. A lawyer representing the students stated that criticism of the president is a political speech protected by the first amendment. 

On-duty San Francisco firefighter photographed wearing 'Let's Go Brandon'  shirt sparks reaction, SFFD takes action - ABC7 San Francisco

Source: ABC 7 News

Violation of Fire Fighter Uniform Policy

San Francisco firefighters were captured on camera wearing Let’s Go Brandon T-shirts and were posted on Twitter. The SFFD stated this was a violation of its department policy. 

Jonathan Baxter, an SFFD spokesman, said: 

The San Francisco Fire Department was made aware via social media of an employee wearing a non-SFFD tee shirt while on duty. This violates the Department’s uniform policy and does not reflect the views and opinions of the San Francisco Fire Department.

Let’s Go, Brandon Rap Song

American rapper Loza Alexander released the Let’s Go Brandon song on October 10, 2021, to protest Joe Biden and support Donald Trump. Its music video showed Brandon Brown at the Nascar Xfinity Series and Loza performing the rap lyrics while wearing the iconic Trump hat

The Let’s Go Brandon” theme reached 10th place in the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and 38th in the US Billboard Hot 100. While the song became the #1 hip-hop song on iTunes, Apple removed it from their store. 

“Thank You, Brandon,” Counter-Meme

The White House is aware of the Let’s Go Brandon meme on social media. The POTUS Twitter account posted a video with the hashtag #ThankYouBrandon to replace the meme. The video shows Brandon’s generosity to Biden’s Build Back Better movement. 


Liberals took to Twitter and started spreading the #ThankYouBrandon tag, which became a trending topic for a limited time. Unfortunately for the White House, this spread the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme even more since people ask who Brandon is and why it refers to Biden. 

The Let’s Go Brandon meme lived on as Democrats and liberals forgot their counter-meme over time. The phrase got more recognition when Biden himself uttered it on live TV. 

On December 25, 2021, Joe and Jill Biden were taking calls for NORAD’S Santa tracker hotline. The president took a call from a father who wished the Bidens well and said, “Merry Christmas and Let’s Go Brandon.” To the shock of liberals and the delight of Trump supporters, Biden also said the phrase out loud. 

With left-leaning establishments censoring the meme, waving a Let’s Go Brandon flag at any liberal or Biden rallies will trigger numerous supporters. 

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Secret Email Exposes Biden-Burisma Connection

An email dated back to 2015 lays bare the shocking truth about the Biden-Burisma Connection. This explosive revelation is shaking the integrity of the Biden administration. Are the wheels of justice turning for Biden, or will the DOJ protect them again?

Biden emails Pozharskyi

Source: Fox news

The Biden-Burisma Connection

In this labyrinth of the Biden-Burisma connection, one particular email stands out. Penned in 2015, this communication reveals a more sinister link than initially speculated. It exposes the hidden agenda behind Hunter Biden’s association with Burisma. His role was not as passive as once believed. Instead, it highlights a well-orchestrated play at the highest power levels.

Hunter Biden is an active company member when it comes to planning. The email shows plans to stop federal investigations into Burisma’s founder, Mykola Zlochevsky. This revelation comes at a critical time, unveiling the truth behind the veils of power.

Plan to Stop Investigation on Burisma

What is more alarming is the timing of this email. It precedes then-Vice President Joe Biden’s 2015 trip to Ukraine. The email dates back to a month before Biden senior threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid. Biden is holding the aid hostage unless Ukraine ousted its top prosecutor. The timing is significant. It shows a disturbing connection to Biden’s interests and diplomatic maneuvers.

This strategy wasn’t just about a father supporting his son’s business affairs. It suggests a potential misuse of public office for personal gains. Critics argue this represents the epitome of public corruption. As American citizens, we must question this compromised behavior.

The new findings demand a thorough analysis. It is vindicating Donald Trump’s accusation of the Biden crime family each day.


Republicans erupt over 2015 email exposing 'ultimate purpose' of Hunter's involvement with Burisma

Source: Yahoo News

The Biden Crime Family Dynasty Built on Shaky Grounds

The Biden-Burisma connection paints a sobering picture. It forces us to confront the questionable conduct of one of the most influential families in American politics. This is not about political bias. It’s about transparency, about accountability. And the recent emails expose a worrying trend within the Biden clan.

The Hunter Biden and Burisma story isn’t just about a son profiting off his father’s influence. It’s a symptom of a broader issue. It hints at a potential pattern of abuse of power. And the pattern doesn’t stop with Ukraine.

Questioning the Conduct of the Bidens

If we look closely, similar accusations surround the Biden family’s dealings in China. Not unlike the Burisma case, Hunter Biden’s business pursuits in the East Asian superpower have come under scrutiny. It raises the question – is there a pattern of leveraging political clout for personal gain?

Despite consistent denials, the facts remain. Emails, testimonials, and business deals – all point toward an uncomfortable reality. The Biden family may have to answer for more than they’re willing to admit. At the very least, it warrants further investigation.

It’s essential to uphold the principles that form the basis of our democracy. No one, no matter how powerful, should be above scrutiny. The Biden family could be on shaky ground if these allegations prove true. This issue should concern every American, irrespective of political affiliation.

Hunter Biden Emails: Report | National Review

Source: National Review

The Dubious Role of Hunter Biden and Blue Star Strategies

Behind the Hunter Biden-Burisma relationship is Blue Star Strategies. Hunter reportedly engaged this firm to help Burisma fight corruption charges. Yet, Blue Star itself came under federal investigation in 2021.


Hunter Biden’s partnership with Blue Star is clear in the emails. He admitted he was comfortable with their involvement. The connections between these two are already making this murky. And with Hunter Biden’s recommendation, Blue Star’s role became important.

The Shadowy Intersection of Politics and Business

The email gets interesting here. Vice President Biden got it before his trip to Ukraine. An associate from Blue Star emailed details about a White House conference call. The call gave of the trip’s agenda. This includes addressing questions of U.S. policy toward Ukraine. It is hard to ignore the timing of this exchange, just a month before the Vice President’s visit.

Notably, this trip ended with Biden pressuring Ukrainian officials to fire Shokin. The same Shokin who was investigating Zlochevsky, Burisma’s founder, at the time. These events cast an eerie shadow over the whole saga.

Unraveling this tangled web of connections calls for further scrutiny. To uphold the principles of democracy, all players involved should be held accountable not just for transparency but for the sake of justice.

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden

Source: International Business Times

Unmasking the Biden Administration’s Dirty Laundry

The Biden administration’s stance on these allegations is far from satisfactory. They assert that Biden’s pressure on Ukraine was to combat corruption. Yet, the timeline and the exposed emails tell a different tale. Their narrative does not make sense.

Many experts, especially Oversight Committee Republicans, view this as more than a coincidence. Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., criticized the official line. He suggests that Biden’s actions shielded his family’s dubious business in Ukraine.

Hunter Biden and Vadym Pozharskyi emails

Source: Fox News


Unveiling a Corrupt Legacy

Beneath these events, more unsavory details lurk. Hunter Biden was also found to be grateful for extravagant gifts from Zlochevsky. When confronted with accusations of possible bribery, the Biden administration remained silent.

When you connect the stories, a disturbing picture emerges. This is not about Hunter Biden and Burisma. It’s about a chain of unethical behavior that could extend to the top of our government. Our duty as a nation is to ensure these allegations aren’t buried. For the sake of justice and accountability, we must keep digging.

Is Justice on the Horizon?

Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, hits the nail when he questions the motives behind Burisma’s hefty payments to Hunter Biden. Grassley calls for clear answers and an unbiased investigation. The time for beating around the bush is over.

The revelations about the Biden-Burisma affair are a stark reminder of the need for robust checks and balances in our political system. The nation awaits the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Is the American justice system ready to rise to the occasion? Only time will tell.

Trump’s Foresight: A Vindication in the Making

It’s critical to remember who first shed light on these discrepancies. Remember when Donald Trump brought up Hunter Biden’s alleged questionable activities? He was met with dismissal and criticism. Yet, the emerging evidence suggests that Trump might have been onto something.

Trump’s assertions were bold and daring. Many brushed them off as political rhetoric. But the recent findings offer a different perspective, and Trump’s words now echo with vindication. The former president wasn’t just making idle claims.

A cloud of suspicion surrounds the Biden family, and Trump had perhaps seen it before anyone else. It’s a classic case of ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire.’ It’s high time we revisit the debate night claims and see them in a new light. The narrative is changing, and Trump’s foresight was accurate. The justice system should take note.


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Biden’s Woke Twist to the National Defense Authorization Act

President Joe Biden’s administration is fighting to remove meritocracy or merit-based military promotions in favor of race and gender considerations. The White House response to the annual defense spending bill shows Biden’s priority to be inclusive rather than having a strong defense for our country. Is the woke propaganda going to hurt our military strength?

Biden Admin Mutilates the National Defense Authorization Act

President Joe Biden’s team is arguing about military promotions. They are clashing with a new plan, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This plan wants promotions based on how good a person is at their job. The NDAA can strengthen our military by having the right people lead our soldiers.

Even with these points, the White House is holding its ground. It doesn’t like many parts of the NDAA, especially the ones about merit-based promotions.

Jim Banks (R-IN) is one of the people who wrote the new plan. He disagrees with the White House’s rejection. He even said, “Wokeness is cancer that will destroy our military from the inside out if we don’t stop it.”

Change on the Horizon?

Biden’s team is going against tradition by not wanting promotions to be based on merit. It makes us wonder what will happen to the military. Will we keep promoting people based on how well they do, or will race and gender start to matter more? If the Drag Queen Story Time in an air base is a sign, Biden focuses more on pandering to the radical woke crowd.

There’s a big argument going on right now. And depending on who wins, the future of the U.S. military could change a lot.


Transgender officers promoted through wokeness

Source: The Guardian

DEI: A Mask for Diluting Military Excellence?

Critics argue that Biden’s stance could weaken the military. They believe overemphasizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) might reduce the focus on merit. This shift might not just dilute excellence, but it could also hurt the military’s image.

DEI is about celebrating differences, but many worry it might become a problem. They fear it may lead to favoring people for their race or gender over their ability. This isn’t how the military has worked in the past; some are worried about what it means for the future.

Waning Military Strength and Image?

Many retired military officers have voiced their concerns about this issue. They argue that focusing too much on DEI and political correctness could hinder the military’s main job – to fight and win wars. They believe that the military’s strength and its image could suffer as a result.

The recent struggles in Afghanistan have added to these worries. Some people are questioning whether the push for DEI has already started to weaken the military. They fear an overly politicized military could lose its focus on combat effectiveness. As this debate continues, the future strength and reputation of the U.S. military are under the spotlight.

U.S. Rep. Rogers: Armed forces facing recruiting crisis — 'Biden has military going WOKE'

Source: 1819 News

Repercussions on Military Strength

What happens when we prioritize diversity over merit? Critics fear that the military’s combat readiness could take a hit. If officers are chosen based on their race or gender rather than their skills and experience, it could affect the performance of our armed forces.

The numbers tell a concerning story. The Army didn’t reach its recruitment goals last year. They were 25% short. This might be a sign that potential recruits are worried about these changes.


Cracks in Unity?

A more diverse military sounds good on paper. But some people worry that it might create divisions. If promotions are based on race or gender, it could lead to resentment and division. And a divided military is not an effective one.

Vietnamese refugee and retired military officer Hung Cao shared his concerns. He said, “DEI is unpopular in the military, a place where troops may be rightfully hesitant to serve under a commander selected for the color of his skin rather than the content of his character.” Cao’s words remind us of the risks of prioritizing politics over performance in our military.

As this debate rages on, the future of the U.S. military hangs in the balance.

Kentucky GOP focus on LGBT and woke issues. What it means | Lexington Herald Leader

Source: Lexington Herald Leader

The Price for Wokeness

Is “wokeness” exacting a steep price from our military? Critics worry that the current administration’s DEI policies might have serious implications. The fear is that these policies could negatively affect morale, recruitment, and effectiveness.

The push for DEI in the military might not be without a cost. It could lead to a significant drop in enlistment. And let’s face it, a military with fewer soldiers is weaker.

Woke or Weakened?

The reality is hard to ignore. The Army fell short of its recruiting goals by 25% last year. Some say this is a clear sign of a problem. If potential recruits are hesitant to join the ranks, it’s an issue we need to address.

Is it any wonder that the ranks are dwindling when soldiers feel undervalued? When merit takes a backseat to “wokeness,” it can leave even the most dedicated troops feeling disheartened.


The question is, are we trading off military strength for a woke agenda? This debate will continue as the military’s future hangs in the balance.


The evidence indicates that the Biden administration’s DEI push could hurt our military. Is he aiming to make our military stronger, or is he answering to a different power by weakening America’s might? Why wouldn’t anyone want experienced and qualified leaders in our army?

The consequences are too high to ignore. Yet, Biden is pandering to the woke crowd with his latest move to kill Meritocracy in our army. America’s safety is at stake, and Biden seeks support among trans groups.

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Unionized Auto Workers Ready to Break Biden’s Green Agenda

President Biden, the savior of the climate, meets a brick wall. Yes, dear readers, Biden’s illustrious green energy agenda has skidded off course. The Unionized Auto Workers have gone into reverse gear over concerns about the dangers of making electric cars. Biden’s Green Agenda and his 2024 election chances are at risk with these workers on strike.

UAW members on strike outside a GM plant

Source: CNBC

Unionized Auto Workers Threaten Biden’s Green Agenda

The United Auto Workers (UAW) prepare themselves for a brawl as the week begins. A skirmish that involves big automakers such as Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis. They’re not asking for the moon, mind you. Just a solid guarantee.

They need assurance that employees at older factories can transition to new EV jobs. Their pay and benefits won’t become another casualty of Biden’s green agenda. They’re standing at the precipice of change, looking for a safety net.

Unionists Eye September to Get What They Want

Now, these negotiations aren’t just about contract details. They’re about the livelihoods of nearly 150,000 UAW workers. Their career and lives hang in the balance. The consequences will be swift and visible if negotiations falter and agreements are elusive.

Come September. These factories could be quieter than a cemetery at midnight. Workers may take to the streets, banners demanding fair play. We could see strike action unfold in a way that screams louder than words ever could. Will our pro-union president hear the cry? We shall see.


UAW Gives Biden a Jolt on Capitol Hill

D.C., brace for impact! The UAW isn’t just stopping at car factories. They’re bringing the fight straight to the capital. Their question to the Biden administration is simple. Why are billions of taxpayer money flowing into EV and battery factories without better pay for workers?

Let’s remember this money comes from hard-working citizens. Citizens who expect their taxes to be spent wisely. The UAW argues that these workers deserve their fair share.

Electric Vehicle Legislation – A Winding Road

Biden’s recent legislation has thrown tens of billions into the EV industry’s lap. Generous tax credits have been doled out to manufacturers and consumers. Yet, one crucial detail was overlooked. Biden’s push to restrict full consumer tax credits to vehicles built by unionized workers didn’t make the final cut.

This omission speaks volumes. It questions Biden’s commitment to the unionized workforce. Could this be a misstep by our most “pro-union” president? Only time will reveal the full impact of this legislative lapse.

Biden Should Worry: Rising Cost of Living Has 90 Percent of Voters Worried | The National Interest

Source: National Interest

Biden’s Reelection’s Union Endorsement Threatened

Biden, meet UAW’s curveball. The Union’s president, Shawn Fain, isn’t playing nice. He’s holding back the union’s endorsement for Biden’s reelection campaign. But don’t let this game of political chess fool you. It’s not about power plays. It’s about the livelihood of UAW members.

They need assurance. Solid guarantees for strong wages. The firm promises job security in the electric age. Fain’s move may be bold, but it reflects a simple truth. His union members deserve better.

Green Energy Vs. Union Support

Now, here’s a pickle for our president. He calls himself the “most pro-union president in history.” Yet, his actions paint a different picture. His green vision is causing ripples. Not the good kind. Ripples that could erode his union support.


So, Biden finds himself at a crossroads. Green energy or union-centric politics? It’s a delicate balance. A precarious position. For a president so proud of his union support, the path forward isn’t as green as he might like.

Will Biden navigate this turbulent sea and secure the UAW’s endorsement? Or will his green dreams crumble his castle of union support? The showdown begins. For Biden, it’s not just about the present. It’s about 2024. Stay tuned, folks! This political drama is far from over.

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Misgendering a Crime in Michigan – Death of Free Speech

The Michigan House of Representatives passes bill HB 4474. The law turns misgendering into a punishable felony. One could now face up to 5 years in prison or be liable for a hefty $10,000 fine. The wrong pronouns could now be your ticket to jail.

Misgender to Intimidate, You’re Guilty as Charged

Imagine the day when misgendering someone can land you in court or even behind bars. Given the new bill’s provisions, that day could come sooner. The law also places it under the umbrella of “intimidation.” Here we tread on thin ice. This categorization expands the definition of intimidation beyond its traditional boundaries.

When Misgendering Becomes “Intimidation”

Here’s how it works according to the bill. Suppose you’re engaged in what they term a “willful course of conduct involving repeated or continuing harassment of another individual,” and that makes them feel terrorized, threatened, or frightened. In that case, you’ve just committed a felony. What seems like an everyday conversation to you could be interpreted as intimidation.

So, a simple pronoun slip-up could now be perceived as a deliberate attempt to terrorize or threaten. The law’s wording itself leaves much to interpretation. How does one quantify the level of terror or fear caused by the misuse of a pronoun? Are we on the brink of witnessing language police and thought control?

Montana bill would let students misgender classmates | AP News

Source: AP News

Where’s the “Reasonable” Line?

The bill indicates that the offense occurs when conduct terrorizes a “reasonable” individual. The term “reasonable” is subjective. A statement that one person shrugs off might cause distress. We risk entering a minefield of endless litigation. Shifting offense judgment from one standard to personal feelings.


The blurred boundaries of this new legislation erode our standards in society. A society where a person’s words result in a crime is concerning. It’s not a matter of political correctness anymore. It is about maintaining the sanctity of our fundamental constitutional rights. We walk the fine line between protection from harassment and freedom of speech.

First Amendment Rights at Stake?

This new legislation sends us into a whirlpool of free speech debate. Can we now face criminal charges for expressing traditional and scientific views on sex and gender? Does this bill mean we must tread lightly on biological facts to avoid offending? These are the challenging questions we now face.

Many criticize the new bill. They say it steps on the First Amendment. This law could make people use new words that match how a person feels about their identity. Instead of helping people understand and be kind, we’re making one story the law.

We’re moving towards a world where just talking about body facts, and gender feelings could get you in big trouble. Instead of helping people understand different ideas, we’re making it so some ideas could get you punished.

This new law could make people scared to speak freely. People might not want to talk about important things because they fear getting in trouble with the law. Could this law, which is supposed to stop people from being mean, end up stopping people from sharing ideas and opinions?

From the Desk of Pro-LGBTQ+ Advocates

Michigan State was also passing legislation banning conversion therapy for minors. They are solidifying their pro-LGBTQ+ stance. Also, mental health professionals cannot address traditional gender expectations. They also cannot lecture heterosexuality to youths who identify as LGBTQ+. The woke administration is further expanding its fascism.

Austin Police Try to Get Beyond Trans Misgendering and “Deadnaming” - YES! Magazine

Source: Yes Magazine

A National Domino Effect in the Making?

Michigan may be the first, but it’s unlikely to be the last. The passing of this bill in one state sets a disquieting precedent. If unchecked, we might soon see a domino effect, with similar laws in Democrat-led states nationwide. We’ve seen it before with gun control; now it’s our First Amendment rights under the guillotine.


The national implications of this legislation are significant. Freedom of speech isn’t a local issue; it’s a foundational principle that binds our great nation together. If a bill like this is enacted in one state, it signals a weakening of this fundamental right for all Americans. This could erode our nation’s values, with worrying consequences for future generations.

Biden Administration’s Silent Watch

While all this unfolds, the Biden administration appears to be a silent spectator. Where is the intervention to uphold the constitution they swore to protect and serve? It’s disconcerting to see this unprecedented assault on our First Amendment rights occur without significant pushback from the current leadership.

A stronger stance from the Biden administration could send a clear message to other states that might be considering similar legislation: The principles of our Constitution are not negotiable. Instead, their silence could be interpreted as tacit approval, fueling the fire of those seeking to curb free speech.

Transgender activist no longer welcome at White House after going topless at Biden event | AP News

Source: AP News

Remembering Our Fundamental Rights

Our Founding Fathers greatly valued freedom of speech, understanding its vital role in a thriving democracy. They recognized that it wasn’t just about protecting famous speech but about defending the right to speak one’s mind, even if it’s controversial or offensive to some. We need to remember this as we evaluate the impact of this bill.

The Crux of the Matter

The issue at hand is not whether misgendering should be frowned upon. It’s about whether it should be a felony. This is about the implications of equating words with intimidation and threat. It’s about navigating the tricky terrain of respect for individual identities while maintaining our cherished freedom of speech. That’s the crux of this matter. And that’s what makes this precedent so concerning for our nation.

The Pendulum Swings: Political Impact on the Horizon

As the specter of the 2024 presidential race looms, the events unfolding in Michigan could act as a turning point. A substantial, silent majority still values traditional norms and constitutional rights. They’re watching. They’re noticing. And their votes could shift the balance.

Given this backdrop, a potential resurgence of stalwarts like Donald Trump would be fresh air. Trump, with his unyielding stance on justice and the Second Amendment, could act as the counterweight to the current trend. His potential candidacy might signal a return to a leadership style that places the nation’s core constitutional rights above partisan politics.


How can we restore free speech?

Source: Michigan Daily

A Crucial Crossroads

As we stand at this crucial crossroads, witnessing the unraveling of free speech in Michigan, it’s clear that we are at a pivotal point in our nation’s history. The question remains – will we stand idly by as our constitutional rights are eroded, or will we stand up and fight for the principles that define us?

The answer will shape the future of our nation and determine the legacy we leave for our children. It’s time to choose – a future where our words are policed or free speech, justice, and unity reign supreme. The 2024 elections could be the battleground where this decisive fight takes place.

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Supreme Court Slams the Brakes on Race-Based Admissions

The Supreme Court has put its foot down against woke colleges using race-based admissions. They set a ruling against the woke affirmative action policies at both Harvard and the University of North Carolina. Lady Justice glanced over her shoulder, winked at us, and went, “Watch this!” It’s a victory of common sense over political correctness, a checkmate to the divisive ideologies parading as social justice.

Justice Against Race-Based Admissions

When Chief Justice John Roberts proclaimed, “Eliminating racial discrimination means eliminating all of it,” he clearly stated that this was not a debate on a partisan chessboard but a call for genuine equality. He punctured the smoke and mirrors of the twisted rationale that claimed to combat racial bias by employing race-based admissions. The sweet irony!

In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court exhibited exceptional backbone against the tide of so-called progressive politics. But what exactly is the ruling about? Well, it’s about leveling the playing field, folks! Let’s break it down.

The court decided that race-based admissions programs at Harvard and the University of NC were wrong and illegal. This is where the crux of affirmative action lies. Introduced initially to counterbalance historical disadvantages, it morphed into a mechanism that judged students not by their merit but by their race. Simply put, it’s discrimination wearing a mask of ‘fairness.’

The Unintended Fallout: Equal Protection Gone Wrong

Though well-intentioned, affirmative action spiraled into something harmful. It started placing race above individual capabilities, becoming a paradox of the civil rights it was meant to uphold. Instead of fighting racial discrimination, it fed it.

Here’s an eye-opener: The high test scores of Asian-American and white applicants, who were rejected under these policies, triggered this case. These students were snubbed due to their racial background, not for lack of talent. Doesn’t that sound like the exact discrimination the Civil Rights Act aimed to obliterate?


The Vote Speaks

Driving home the message, the court’s vote was unequivocally against the practice. Six to three in the University of North Carolina case and six to two in the Harvard case. Numbers don’t lie, folks!

The Supreme Court’s ruling strikes at the heart of identity politics. It again establishes that equality should not be the handmaiden of identity, but rather, it should be the offspring of true equality. And true equality? That’s colorblind.

Affirmative action reversed in college. Next target: diversity at work

Source: USA Today

A Win for Fairness: Students for Fair Admissions Celebrates

Picture this: the underdogs emerging victorious in their battle for fairness. Now, that’s a narrative worth cherishing. Students for Fair Admissions, having wrestled with the Ivy League giants, are the newfound heroes. Their celebration echoes across America, ringing in the era of a colorblind legal covenant.

Advocates of Equal Opportunity Speaks Out

Their spearhead, Edward Blum, didn’t mince words. He stated, “These discriminatory admission practices undermined our country’s civil rights laws.” I couldn’t have put it better. This is not just a win for them; it’s a victory for everyone who believes in fairness over favoritism. It’s a punch in the face of ‘woke ideologies that tried to mask discrimination as diversity.

Kenny Xu, the son of immigrants and an advocate for true justice, hit the nail on the head. He argued that justice should focus on merit, not skin color. Now, that’s a lesson Harvard could learn from. Xu’s words serve as a reminder that equality isn’t about equal outcomes. It’s about equal opportunity.


The Next Frontier: Battling Woke Ideologues

But let’s not rest on our laurels just yet. Woke ideologues will fight back. Their ivory towers may crumble, but they won’t go down without a struggle. Armed with the power of legal precedent, we must hold our ground and champion the cause of colorblind treatment.

Universities Take Note: Merit Matters

Universities across the country need to sit up and take notice. The Supreme Court ruling sends an unmistakable message: The game has changed. The yardstick is now merit, not melanin. So, dear universities, you better dust off those old admission rulebooks and make way for a much-needed revamp.

Any educational institution still clinging to affirmative action as their admissions policy might want to rethink. Defying this ruling could see them in the legal crosshairs. And trust me, that’s not a place they want to be. They must find more equitable ways to foster diversity without trampling individual rights.

The Gain: A Boost for Fair Competition

For students, this ruling is a breath of fresh air. It paves the way for a fair and just competition, where their worth is measured by merit, not their racial background. And for parents, it’s a sigh of relief. They can now trust that their children will have an equal chance at success without being unfairly disadvantaged or advantaged due to their race.

It’s a momentous day for education in America. The Supreme Court has effectively dismantled the ‘woke’ machinery of preferential treatment. This ruling reinforces the essence of justice, proving that equality isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the bedrock of our nation. Let’s raise a toast to a brighter, fairer future!

Western Pa. college leaders, advocates react to Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Source: Post-Gazette

Public Schools on Notice: Real Change Needed

Isn’t it shocking that our public schools still fail underrepresented minority students? I mean, it’s 2023, for crying out loud! But fear not, my friends. This ruling isn’t just a slap on the wrist for higher education. It’s also a wake-up call for our K-12 system.

Our public schools must step up their game. Our young minds deserve better. Forget the band-aid solutions. Let’s focus on fixing the education system from the ground up.


Failing the Grade: The Reality of our Public Schools

Instead of advancing woke ideologies, schools should be advancing academic proficiency. Let’s not beat around the bush. Our students need to be college-ready.

The accurate measure of progress is not ticking diversity boxes but ensuring each student has an equal shot at success. Only then can we dream of a genuinely meritocratic society. The ball’s in your court, public schools. Don’t drop it!

Whoopi vented about her 'frustrations' on The View

Source: The Sun

Whoopi’s Whimsical Woes: The View from Woke Cuckoo Land

Once again, the ladies of “The View” have taken us on a fantastical woke journey, utterly detached from the real world. Whoopi Goldberg, leading the charge, decided that the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the principles of the Constitution was an insidious plot inspired by fear.

Whoopi suggested that anyone opposing race-based college admissions must be quaking in their boots at the idea of ‘too many’ successful black and brown Americans. Gasp! Oh, the horror of an educated, diverse society!

She sang a sorrowful tune, lamenting the end of policies that favor one race over another blatantly. She crooned about the 14th Amendment’s promise of equal protection, then, in the next breath, championed policies that oppose equal treatment.

Goldberg went on the offensive, launching an accusation-laden rant at Edward Blum and Abigail Fisher, crusaders for fairness in admissions. “Why do we scare you?” she cried, ignoring the irony that fear drove her diatribe, not their call for equality.

Once again, the panel’s out-of-touch narrative solidifies them as champions of the ‘woke’ agenda, the enemies of fairness, and promote inequality under the guise of equity. If anything, their dramatics entertain, like watching a ridiculous play where the characters are blissfully unaware of their contradictions. So grab your popcorn, folks, and enjoy the show!



The Supreme Court decision serves as a wake-up call for academia: let merit, not race, determine admissions. Woke college administrators who claim to be fighting for equality are actual racists. SCOTUS’ decision is a win for us against the woke culture and for the EQUAL education of our youths.

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GOP’s Stand Against Woke U.S. Military

GOP representatives are rallying against what they deem President Biden’s “woke” policies in the U.S. military. Led by Army veteran and Florida representative Cory Mills, the Republicans argue that Biden’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are hampering military readiness, fostering division, and possibly rendering the nation vulnerable to threats. The ongoing debate carries implications not just for military recruitment but potentially for national security, raising critical questions about the future direction of our woke U.S. military.

Mill’s Unyielding Stance Against Woke U.S. Military

In a significant twist in military policy debates, Republican Representative Cory Mills – a seasoned army veteran with tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan under his belt – doesn’t mince words. He’s clear about his stance against the Biden administration’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiative within the military. Mills views this move as a recipe for discord, undercutting the might of U.S. forces.

His critique draws a clear line. On one side, the Biden administration’s policy, focusing on recognizing individuals’ identities, seems benign, perhaps even progressive to some. But on the other side, it’s the mission and ability of the armed forces that matter most to this army veteran. According to Mills, the DEI initiative is steering our military away from its core objective of national defense and into uncharted waters of political correctness.

Stronger Military, Stronger Nation

This unyielding approach harks back to the tenure of former President Donald Trump. Trump, much like Mills, prioritized national security above socio-political agendas. A man known for his steadfast policies, Trump always argued that the military should focus more on battle readiness and less on identity politics. Mills’ stance embodies this same spirit, signifying a return to prioritizing national security and a strong military.

Mills’ uncompromising approach is grounded in his experience as a soldier. He’s a living testament to the creed that a more robust military ensures a stronger nation. He posits that the DEI initiative distracts from this goal, spreading discord and undermining the military’s strength. He is a beacon for those who seek a return to the principles of unwavering national security and defense, echoing the sentiments of Donald Trump’s presidency.

woke U.S. military suffering reduced recruitment.

Source: Fox News


A Resolute Bid against “Woke” Policies

Taking a stance that’s as strong as the American spirit itself, Representative Cory Mills isn’t holding back. He is making strides in his determined effort to dismantle the Defense Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. Mills contends that this committee, an embodiment of the Biden administration’s “woke” policies, detracts from what truly matters – enhancing military strength and readiness.

Mills is vocal about his concerns. He believes too much focus is on identity matters while essential military priorities are neglected. The drive to increase lethality and readiness and ensure proper equipment has been replaced with an emphasis on political correctness. This is a shift that Mills views as detrimental to the military’s strength, reflecting a sentiment shared by many who recall the no-nonsense approach of the Trump era.

The Trump Parallel

Former President Donald Trump was renowned for his clear-cut approach to military matters during his tenure. Like Mills, he envisioned what the military should represent – a solid and unified force. He believed in focusing on the true purpose of the military: protecting the nation and its citizens. The resolute bid by Mills to oppose “woke” policies aligns with this vision, signifying a call to return to fundamentals.

An experienced soldier himself, Mills’ critique carries significant weight. His experience on the battleground has informed his perspective on the home front. As this determined bid against “woke” policies progresses, it’s clear Mills is not just fighting for himself but for every soldier who prioritizes military readiness over political agendas. It’s an unwavering stance, resonating with those who desire a robust and undistracted military and is a reminder of the strong leadership shown by Donald Trump.

National Defense in the Balance

The proposed amendment by Representative Cory Mills to this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) focuses on the vital question of national security. It boldly asks what benefit, if any, the DEI initiatives bring to strengthening the military. It’s a hard-hitting query that aims at the current administration’s priorities and places national defense firmly in the balance.

Mills cautions about the consequences of misdirected focus, predicting record-low recruitment and retention levels. He points to the possibility of a weakened volunteer force, contrasting with the robust recruitment numbers during the Trump administration. This could leave the nation ill-prepared.

In the Shadow of Recruitment Crisis

The debate over diversity, equity, and inclusion in the military is unfolding against a backdrop of a daunting recruitment crisis. The numbers don’t lie. Every branch of the U.S. military has grappled with the challenge of attracting enough recruits to fill the ranks. The U.S. Army, in particular, is feeling the sting, falling 15,000 recruits short of its goals last year.

Caught up in this crisis, some point fingers at the “woke” military for turning away potential recruits. Conversely, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth adamantly states that we have a “ready Army, not a ‘woke’ Army.” The heated debate underscores the urgency of the situation. It raises questions about what matters more – pursuing an ideological agenda or ensuring readiness and efficiency in the face of threats.


Mills with American flags

Source: Fox News

Challenging DEI’s Place in the Military

The diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in the military have ignited fiery criticisms from Republican lawmakers. They argue that the U.S. military is no place for “woke” policies. Their contention: These initiatives create more division than unity, affecting the core of the military’s mission – readiness and lethality.

Rep. Cory Mills and Rep. Jim Banks lead the charge at the forefront of this challenge. They see the current debate over the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) as a pivotal battlefield. A chance to score what Banks calls a “massive victory for the Anti-Woke Caucus.”

Rallying the Anti-Woke Caucus

“Defend our military from ‘wokeness.’” This rallying cry from GOP lawmakers signals a strong pushback against DEI initiatives within the military. Rep. Jim Banks is leading this charge, promoting amendments to root out “woke” politics from more than just the military but every federal agency.

His battle plan is clear-cut. Banks’ amendments to the NDAA are designed to clip the wings of “woke” bureaucrats. His strategy includes banning race and gender quotas in military recruiting and promotions and reinstating unvaccinated service members fired by the Biden administration.

Recruiting Crisis: Whose Fault Is It?

Critics, particularly from the GOP, blame the Biden administration squarely. They argue that the push for DEI and “woke” policies have created an environment not conducive to recruitment. In their view, the military should focus on readiness, discipline, and unity, not identity politics.

They contend that the Biden administration’s focus on “wokeness” has significantly distracted from the real issues affecting the military’s readiness and recruitment. They believe this is evident in the administration’s willingness to cut Army pay for unvaccinated troops amidst a recruitment crisis. Such decisions, they argue, further alienate potential recruits and undermine the spirit of service.

While the DEI advocates blame the critics for politicizing the military and creating mistrust, the GOP believes the Biden administration’s DEI initiatives are truly politicizing the military. The current state of the recruitment crisis, they argue, isn’t an aberration but a direct consequence of these divisive policies. The verdict? The “woke” agenda seems to do more harm than good for our military’s recruitment efforts.


MOAA - Facing a 'Perfect Storm': The Military Recruiting Crisis

Source: Military Officers Association of America

A Threat to National Security?

The implications of this ongoing debate extend beyond just recruitment numbers. If the GOP’s accusations hold water, Biden’s “woke” policies could make the U.S. more vulnerable to adversaries like China and Russia. The fundamental question is whether focusing on identity politics compromises our military’s readiness and national security.

Biden’s Misguided Priorities?

Critics argue that instead of fostering unity, the administration’s DEI initiatives are stoking division within the ranks, leading to a decline in morale. They believe that our adversaries are capitalizing on this internal discord, focusing on strengthening their forces while the U.S. is embroiled in pronoun debates.

If we spend more time on ‘correct pronoun usage’ than on preparedness, can we genuinely compete on the global stage? This is the question that GOP representatives like Cory Mills pose to the administration. They insist that Biden’s “woke” agenda detracts from our military’s core mission – defending our nation.

A Call to Action

It is a time to reflect and reassess. Should our military focus on DEI or ensure that the U.S. remains a dominant force capable of effectively countering threats from adversaries? Only by making the right choices today can we guarantee the strength and security of our nation tomorrow. The fate of our national security might hang in the balance.

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Child Exploitation Skyrockets: Mayorkas Accountable

The Biden administration’s weak border policy allows child exploitation to skyrocket. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is responsible for the crime of allowing child trafficking to flourish within our southern border.

Mayorkas Grilled For Child Exploitation

Consider this: when the Biden administration decided to look the other way and stop applying Title 42 expulsions to unaccompanied children, the border saw a massive increase in illegal immigration. Coincidence? I think not.

The result? An influx of young migrants drawn like moths to the flame. And Senator Josh Hawley didn’t hold back, stating, “Under the last administration, children were reunited with their families in their home country. You changed that. And as soon as you changed it, the numbers exploded. That is your responsibility.”

Mayorkas Attempt at Deflecting responsibility

Mayorkas scrambled to counter, labeling Hawley’s remarks “false statements.” He claimed they were cracking down on unscrupulous employers exploiting underage workers. He might as well have said, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

Mayorkas tried to deflect, painting a rosy picture of the prior administration’s practices, only to be cut off by Hawley. The Missouri senator retorted, “A moment ago, you were crowing about the fact that you treated children so well, and yet we find tens of thousands of children who are forced to work as slaves because of your policies, and you turn around and blame a prior administration.”

Staggering Number of Child Labor Cases

According to the Department of Labor (DOL), child labor violations in 2022 saw a jaw-dropping increase of 37% from 2021 and a staggering 283% from 2015. Can you believe that? The DOL has been busy investigating over 600 child labor cases this year. Yet, these are just the tip of the iceberg, as countless cases go unreported and uninvestigated. The DOL has traded in their detective hats for sombreros under the Biden administration.


It gets worse. Remember Packers Sanitation Services, Inc. (PSSI)? The one with over 100 children cleaning dangerous equipment on the slaughterhouse floors? It’s a mom-and-pop operation owned by the Blackstone Group, the world’s most prominent private equity firm.

And the DOL found PSSI’s use of child exploitation wasn’t just a couple of bad apples but “systemic” across eight states. The report chillingly states, “The adults—who had recruited, hired, and supervised these children—tried to derail our efforts to investigate their employment practices.” It’s like the Wild West out here, folks, and the sheriff’s gone fishing.

Don’t let your blood pressure spike, but Alabama’s auto plants, powered by Hyundai-Kia, are also in the crosshairs. Kids as young as 14 from Guatemalan migrant families hustle on the assembly lines. Are we building cars or a Dickensian nightmare?

The numbers don’t lie, my friends. The Biden administration’s laissez-faire border policies and lazy approach to labor laws have spun out of control, transforming America into a dystopian free-for-all. Remember, behind each statistic is a child, a human life being exploited, and that’s a truth we can’t afford to ignore. Let’s hope common sense makes a comeback before it’s too late.

Mayorkas pushes back on criticism, says Biden administration is prepared  for lifting of Title 42 | The Hill

Source: The Hill

Mayorkas in the Spotlight

Mayorkas, once visible in the public eye, has taken a crash course in hide-and-seek. When questioned about this concerning state of affairs, he weaved and dodged with the grace of a seasoned trapeze artist. His tactic? Blaming a broken immigration system rather than the flawed decisions of the current administration.

Hawley posed. Mayorkas rattled off a rehearsed line about the Department’s noble mission. It was an admirable attempt at misdirection.

All Style, No Substance

Beneath the flimsy veneer of Mayorkas’ words, we can see the facts for what they are. Thousands of child migrants are missing, forced into slave-like conditions. Yet, the Homeland Security Secretary seems more interested in playing political dodgeball.


Remember when Mayorkas exclaimed, “I look forward to discussing this issue further because you are misstating the facts so terribly?” It’s almost as if he’s auditioning for a role in a daytime soap opera, not leading a crucial government department. Only in Biden’s America, folks. Only here.

Remember When Things Made Sense? We Do!

Remember the good old days? Back then, children were reunited with families in their home countries. The logic was simple: Keep families together and kids out of hazardous conditions. During Trump’s term, regulations were regulations.

Trump didn’t mince words about border security when he was in office. The man knew how crucial it was to have robust policies in place. The children coming over the border, unaccompanied and vulnerable, would be less likely to fall into the hands of traffickers if they knew America meant business. The vermin carrying fentanyl can’t scurry in if the door isn’t wide open.

Nipping It In The Bud

One of the critical strategies of the Trump administration was to address the issue at the root. By working on reducing illegal immigration, Trump cut down the opportunities for traffickers. Fewer children crossing the border means fewer children fall into the dangerous underworld of forced labor. Strengthening our borders also stop international terrorists or gangs from entering the country.

An administration that not only talked the talk but walked the walk. If only we could say the same for the current crew at the helm. If only.

Source: EPI

Child Exploitation Challenges America’s Moral Fiber

Now, let’s be clear about something. The issue of child labor – or, let’s call it by its name, child slavery – isn’t just about the numbers. This isn’t just a statistical face-off. This is about the moral fiber of America, the fabric that weaves us together as a nation.

When the administration disregards these young lives in peril, we set a dangerous precedent. We tell these kids that their worth is measured in dollars and cents. What happened to the land of dreams and opportunities? Biden and Mayorkas have given those dreams and opportunities to unscrupulous traffickers.


A Stain on Our Soul

In the grand narrative of America, this will be recorded as a dark chapter. An era where the innocence of children was traded in for political expediency. And what’s the cost? A significant erosion of our moral standing, both domestically and internationally. The message is clear: on Biden and Mayorkas’ watch, America’s moral compass is swinging wildly off course. Our children deserve better. Our country deserves better.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s high time Mayorkas faced the music. If he can’t change course, he should resign. If he won’t, he should be removed. We’ve had our fill of being led down the garden path. As Hawley put it: “You should have resigned long ago. And if you cannot change course, you should be removed from office.” It’s no longer a question of if but when. Mayorkas and his merry band of underperformers must be held accountable for their disastrous decisions. Don’t hold your breath for a fairytale ending, though. It’s time for a reality check, and it won’t be pretty.

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Bidenomics Costs $10,000 to Americans

The average American is crippled by Biden’s regulations, where each household pays nearly $10,000. And what’s the culprit? Bidenomics, a term increasingly equated to excessive spending and skyrocketing inflation. Americans had it easy when Trump was still the President.

The True Price of Bidenomics

Diving deeper into the true implications of Biden’s regulations, it’s clear we’re grappling with a massive tidal wave of economic burdens. The raw data is indisputable: Biden’s bureaucracy is no friend to the average American.

A Tidal Wave of Regulatory Costs

The Biden administration’s red tape doesn’t merely signify a slight uptick in our regulatory costs but represents a devastating onslaught. According to Mulligan’s research, the added costs of regulations from Biden’s first two years in office total around $9,600 per household. Yes, you read that properly—$9,600.

But this isn’t just a one-time financial hit. This devastating financial blow ripples over time, chipping away at household stability and undermining the American dream. It’s a crushing economic shadow that looms over the financial security of hardworking Americans.

A Stifling Landscape for Businesses

The impact extends beyond households. Businesses, the heart of our economy, are gasping for air under the weight of these regulations. Small businesses, often hailed as the backbone of our economy, are particularly at risk. These costs stifle innovation, suppress growth, and undermine the entrepreneurial spirit that America is known for.

These regulatory burdens can be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back for businesses grappling with post-pandemic recovery. Entrepreneurs, already faced with the challenges of a fragile economic landscape, now must also navigate a storm of regulatory constraints.

Part of the Bidenomics

Source: Reuters


A Dire Future

Looking towards the horizon, if Biden wins a second term, this regulatory cost could multiply even further. We could witness a crushing $7 trillion burden on the American economy. Consider this: it’s almost $60,000 per household, an economic burden that could lead us toward a chilling economic dystopia.

Biden’s red tape signifies not just a hefty price tag for American families and businesses. It’s a daunting signpost pointing towards a future defined by economic hardship and stifled growth. As we inch towards this precipice, it’s vital to remember the actual cost of these regulations and to champion policies that safeguard, not undermine, our economic prosperity. Remember, America’s strength lies in its resilience and the relentless pursuit of freedom, justice, and the unyielding rights enshrined in the 2nd Amendment.

Trump’s Legacy: A Beacon of Deregulation

In stark contrast to Biden’s overzealous regulatory approach, Trump’s tenure was a testament to the power of deregulation. His policies weren’t just rhetoric; they were a powerful stride towards unburdening American households and empowering businesses.

Rolling Back the Red Tape

With remarkable prowess, Trump went on a regulatory rollback spree, cutting down the unnecessary bureaucratic barriers stifling American growth. The complex numbers bear testament to this: during his tenure, deregulatory actions outnumbered new significant regulatory actions by nearly 5 to 1.

This wasn’t just a mad dash toward deregulation but a calculated strategy. Trump believed in an economy where government intervention was the exception, not the norm. A world where households and businesses thrived, unencumbered by stifling red tape.

Unshackling the American Economy

The result of Trump’s deregulatory measures was a flourishing American economy. The impact was immediate and positive, with the nation witnessing significant GDP growth, rising stock markets, and declining unemployment rates. The GDP, for instance, surged 2.9% in 2018 and 2.3% in 2019, proving that deregulation stimulated growth.

Moreover, the unemployment rate plunged to a 50-year low in 2019, signaling the potency of Trump’s deregulation drive. Simply put, fewer regulations led to more jobs, higher incomes, and a more robust economy.

PHOTO: Trump's Economic Legacy

Source: ABC News


A Lesson in Economic Freedom

Trump’s legacy stands as a powerful lesson in economic freedom. It highlights the transformative power of deregulation, underscoring that less can indeed be more when it comes to government intervention.

Trump’s tenure offers a compelling counter-narrative to Biden’s regulatory rampage. His record shines as a beacon of effective policy-making, a testament to the power of deregulation, and an affirmation of the true spirit of the American dream: liberty, prosperity, and justice. As we grapple with the implications of Biden’s policies, let’s remember Trump’s legacy and its powerful message for our future. Our strength lies in our commitment to economic freedom, justice, and the 2nd Amendment – the values that Trump championed during his tenure.

Bidenomics: A Dangerous Liaison with Inflation

Despite the shiny veneer of Bidenomics, a grim specter lurks underneath – the specter of rampant inflation. It’s not an unwarranted fear; it’s an economic reality Americans face daily under Biden’s administration.

Inflation: The Silent Thief

Inflation, often dubbed the ‘silent thief,’ gradually erodes the purchasing power of consumers. Under Biden, this silent thief has become all too loud. The inflation rate was just a smidge over 1% upon his arrival. But by June 2022, it skyrocketed to a staggering 9% before settling at 4% – four times the rate when he took office.

This isn’t merely an economic indicator going haywire; it’s a direct blow to the American household. It means pricier groceries, costlier fuel, and less bang for your hard-earned buck.

The Deception of Job Creation

One of the selling points of Bidenomics was job creation. Indeed, Biden’s administration touted more jobs created in his first two years than previous administrations did in their entire first terms. But this claim is as hollow as it is misleading.

The jobs ‘created’ are simply jobs ‘recovered’ after the devastation of the pandemic. Biden’s massive spending might have temporarily juiced employment, but at what cost? Unchecked spending has fired up the engines of inflation, causing a spike in living costs for every American.

The Aftermath: Economic Pessimism

Americans have palpably felt the consequences of Bidenomics and its liaison with inflation. A telling Fox News poll from May unveiled that 83% of respondents believe the nation’s economic condition is adverse. Not a surprising reaction when the effects of inflation are increasingly noticeable in everyday life.


The Fatal Flaw of Bidenomics

Bidenomics, at its core, is a flawed economic approach, causing the same inflation it promised to combat. The American people bear the actual cost, their wallets thinner and their faith in the economy shaken.

Ultimately, the contrast between Biden’s administration and Trump’s couldn’t be starker. As Bidenomics continues to fuel inflation, the memory of Trump’s deregulation drive and its positive economic impact seems more golden. The American people will undoubtedly remember who bolstered their economy and who let inflation run amok. And this could play a vital role in the forthcoming elections. Let this serve as a sobering reminder of what’s at stake for the American dream.

Bidenomics: White House adviser Jared Bernstein explains Biden's economic agenda : NPR

Source: NPR

A Lesson from History

Historical data speaks volumes, a resonating echo of the past providing insight into our present. If we choose to listen, we can discern valuable lessons.

The Regan Era: An Economic Renaissance

The Reagan era of the 1980s serves as an economic parable. Reaganomics was lauded for its focus on decreasing taxes, which sparked economic growth and innovation. It led to seven years of prosperity, starkly contrasting the current economic predicament under Bidenomics.

The Echo of Trump’s Deregulation

Similarly, Trump’s legacy of deregulation, an ode to the Reagan era, produced tangible results. Trump scaled back regulations across the board, decreasing unemployment rates and increasing GDP growth. Data reveals that American prosperity soared in the years following this deregulation drive. GDP per capita, a good measure of the economic standard of living, increased from $59,939 in 2017 to $65,298 in 2019.

Bidenomics: Echoing the Mistakes of the Past

In contrast, the labyrinth of red tape under Bidenomics has choked the economy. Compared to the economy flourishing under Reagan and Trump, Biden’s approach is a bleak reminder of failed policies from the past. The Carter era, for example, is remembered for its economic stagnation, marked by high inflation and unemployment – eerily similar to what we see today.

Biden bashes trickle-down economics to promote 'Bidenomics' | The Hill

Source: The Hill


A Roadmap to the Future

The lesson is clear: Deregulation and lower taxes foster economic growth, while excessive regulations and unchecked spending lead to economic stagnation. In this historical roadmap, the path to prosperity is well-defined. As we navigate the challenges of the present, it’s worth remembering the successes of the past.

The upcoming elections present an opportunity for change. They offer a chance to revert to policies safeguarding economic growth and individual liberty. And who better to lead that change than Donald Trump, the architect of a prosperous era? The stakes have never been higher; the American Dream hangs in the balance. The history lesson is clear; the choice now rests with the American people.

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