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Tim Scott Running Against Trump for 2024 GOP Presidential Primary

Tim Scott Running Against Trump for 2024 GOP Presidential Primary

On Monday, the 2024 GOP Presidential Primary heats up with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott presenting himself as a candidate. Scott, the only Black Republican senator, will run against Ron DeSantis and former president Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential election.

Becoming the Persuasive Candidate for the 2024 GOP Presidential Primary

Scott’s campaign strategy is to present an optimistic outlook, starkly contrasting the often-confrontational tone of his two major competitors: former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The Republican senator’s message stands out with its unique blend of positivity, conservative backbone, and scripture. This significantly deviates from the usual political climate where leaders often demonize their opponents. Scott asserts that strength doesn’t necessitate pessimism. He believes voters want an upbeat, optimistic conservative who believes in the future.

The South Carolina Senator puts his personal story at the center of his campaign. Scott proudly talked about his mother, who raised him out of poverty. It is the type of story that resonates with any American.

Although Scott announced he would support Trump should the former president run for re-election, he believes someone else should be behind the helm. The Republican senator wants to be the president who can persuade his base and other people on the opposite political aisle.

Tim Scott will be running against trump for the 2024 GOP Presidential Primary

Source: Politico

Tim Scott aims to cover the former president’s shortcomings by becoming persuasive on issues that matter to Americans. This quality, Scott believes, can help him connect with all Americans, including Trump hat-wearing and Biden flag-waving voters.

Should he lose the 2024 Presidential Election, he clarifies that he will not attempt to overturn the results. This statement will likely appease those who think Scott will trigger another January 6 incident.


If elected president, Scott will support a federal abortion ban and sign the legislation if it reaches his desk. However, the senator will do so after convincing every American, including those who are anti-abortion, before having the legislation go through Congress.

The Republican senator also outlined his foreign policy stance on Ukraine, where an American presence is essential. He also emphasized America’s interest in degrading Russia’s military.

Donald Trump Holds Scott’s Candidacy in High Regards

Upon Tim Scott announcing his 2024 presidential campaign, Donald Trump wrote a goodwill message to the Republican senator on Truth Social.

The exact opposite of Donald Trump': Republican senator Tim Scott's vision for America | Republicans | The Guardian

Source: The Guardian

Trump wrote:

Good luck to Senator Tim Scott in entering the Republican Presidential Primary Race. It is rapidly loading up with lots of people, and Tim is a big step up from Ron DeSanctimonious, who is totally unelectable. I got Opportunity Zones done with Tim, a big deal that has been highly successful. Good luck Tim!

When talking about the Opportunity Zones, Trump referred to a bipartisan project that incentivizes tax legislation. Tim Scott was also a central figure in passing the First Step Act, which aims to reform the federal prison system.

Scott was asked for comments on Trump embracing his campaign run. He said:

Well, I’d say this. I’d appreciate his vote as well. So the truth of the matter is that I do think that the power of persuasion is necessary for the next president. I happen to look forward to being that next president, and so I will take all the votes I can get from anyone, anywhere, anytime, as I head into this election.

Trump’s former chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, said, “Trump isn’t going after Tim because he doesn’t consider him a threat.” Should Scott start gaining momentum in the GOP primary polls, Trump’s attitude may change.

As the Republican race gains momentum, Scott’s optimistic, persuasive, and principled stance offers a unique choice for voters seeking a departure from more aggressive styles of politics. Time will tell if Scott has the favorability among Republican voters to stand up against the former president, who is currently leading the 2024 GOP Presidential primary polls.


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Biden Too Old and Slow for 2024 Presidential Elections

Hey folks, can you hear that? That’s the sound of top Democrats quietly breaking ranks. As the promise of the Biden 2024 campaign sputters like a beaten-up car engine, many insiders have decided they’ve seen enough. This administration is shaping to be the political equivalent of ‘Weekend at Bernie’s.’

Biden’s 2024 Campaign a Crapshoot?

Let’s face it, folks. The Biden 2024 campaign is becoming less of a grand political statement and more of a feeble whimper. The gears of his political machine are grinding slowly, failing to generate the momentum needed for a victorious run.

A Silent Auction with No Bidders

The fundraising efforts, crucial to any campaign, are drawing less interest than a silent auction for a leaky canoe. The once-thriving email drives are raking in just a few thousand dollars. Yes, you heard that right. As scarce as hen’s teeth, you might say. This should raise more than a few eyebrows amongst the faithful followers.

But it’s not just about the money. The lack of campaign staff has left many wondering if this train has any passengers left. An empty campaign team paints a picture of a candidate with not much of a campaign. And it’s clear; the lack of enthusiasm is causing Democrats to give Biden’s commitment the side-eye.

Poll: Was Joe Biden Sleeping During Barack Obama's Deficit Speech? | Vanity  Fair

Source: Vanity Fair

The “Slow Joe” Approach Isn’t Winning Hearts

Interestingly, the ‘Slow Joe’ approach concerns even his staunch supporters. For some top Democrats, Biden’s laid-back style isn’t just alarming. It’s a political death sentence. The air is thick with worry and whispers. What if he doesn’t run? Despite his claims, they fear their figurehead might not stand at the forefront of the battle.


The Biden 2024 campaign looks more like a crapshoot than a calculated presidential run. The lack of speed, the whispers of uncertainty, and the fundraising barely making a ripple begs the question – is Biden up for this, or is he merely going through the motions? His stance seems shakier than a skyscraper made of Jell-O, and many doubt his intentions.

Biden State of the Union

Source: Fox News

Is the ‘Heart’ Still in It?

Yes, Biden keeps insisting he’s ready to rumble. But actions speak louder than words, don’t they? The signs are as clear as daylight. The missing hustle. The sluggish campaign. The palpable lack of oomph. Some within the party smell a rat. Is Biden truly gearing up for a rematch, or is he playing possum?

In the face of these doubts, Biden’s inner circle is pulling a blind eye. Their faith in him remains unwavering. It’s like they’ve put on rose-tinted glasses and can’t see the storm brewing. “He’s running,” they assert, dismissing the whispers of doubt. They remain confident, like ducks appearing calm above water while paddling like mad underneath.

But, one has to ask: is this confidence or mere denial? Ignoring the signs won’t make the problems disappear. If Biden isn’t committed to running, no amount of smoke and mirrors can hide that fact. The stakes are high, and the Democrats need more than wishful thinking. They need a leader ready to step up to the plate and hit a home run.

Trump “Muslim Ban” Returns for 2024 Presidential Election

Source: The Intercept


In wrapping up, the sluggish pace of Biden’s campaign is leaving many unanswered questions. Doubts are cast, whispers are spreading, and the stage could be set for an unexpected twist. Could this be the golden opportunity for Donald Trump to swoop in and reclaim the presidency?

Team Biden’s staunch support for their leader in the face of mounting concerns may not be enough to quell the rising tide of uncertainty. While they maintain their faith, the rest of the world watches with bated breath. Is Biden’s hesitancy unwittingly laying down the welcome mat for a Trump comeback?


As the clock ticks down towards 2024, one thing is certain – the political landscape is ripe for a game-changer. If Biden doesn’t pick up the pace, he might be overtaken on the political racetrack, with Trump potentially ready to seize the advantage.

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GOP Rolls Out American Confidence in Elections Act

Could this be the move that reshapes the American electoral landscape? Are Republicans bringing justice to voters across the nation? House Republicans have introduced the American Confidence in Elections (ACE). The bill will make sure there is fair voting integrity.

American Confidence in Election Act Explained

In a democracy, every vote counts. So, what happens when the integrity of each vote is at stake? The GOP’s American Confidence in Elections (ACE) Act will keep the election fair by setting several rules.

One of the most important rules of the ACE Act is the photo ID requirement. Every voter must show a valid photo ID to send their ballot. This rule does not stop any voter, as the Democrats might claim. Instead, it is a safeguard. It ensures that every vote cast comes from a legitimate, verified source, thereby preserving the essence of our democracy.

No Room for Errors: Annual Voter Roll Maintenance

Another significant component is the annual maintenance of voter rolls. Our unmaintained and outdated voter rolls are breeding grounds for potential inaccuracies. The ACE Act tackles this head-on. It mandates the annual updating of these rolls, eliminating deceased voters or those who’ve moved out of the jurisdiction. It’s a common-sense approach, ensuring accuracy in our electoral process.

To further cement the integrity of our elections, the ACE Act bars non-citizens from voting. This provision sends a clear message: American citizens should decide American elections. No foreign influence, no potential for exploitation—just the will of the American people.

Ending Unwarranted Mail-outs: No More Unsolicited Ballots

Finally, the ACE Act prevents the mailing of unsolicited ballots. Under this legislation, only voters who request a mail-in ballot will receive one. This vital step addresses concerns about ballot harvesting and potential voter fraud linked with unsolicited mail-in voting. It puts the control back in the hands of voters, making the process more transparent and reliable.


The ACE Act is more than just a bill—it’s the GOP’s promise to American voters. It’s a promise of secure, transparent, and fair elections. It’s a commitment to preserving our democracy. And with this, we can look forward to a more secure future in the American electoral process.

Bryan Steil, Laurel Lee and Stephanie Bice

Source: Fox news

Democrats on the Defensive

While Republicans are showing a united front, Democrats seem in disarray. They’re scrambling to oppose the ACE Act, a reaction that reveals their fear of the transparency it brings.

Cry of Voter Suppression

Democrats quickly label the ACE Act as ‘racist’, ‘voter-suppression’, or even ‘Jim Crow 2.0’. These unfounded allegations seem to be an effort to demonize the bill rather than engage in constructive debate. The law aims at ensuring electoral integrity, and the ‘voter suppression’ narrative simply doesn’t hold water. This knee-jerk reaction underscores their failure to present a logical counter-argument.

The Irony of Democratic Opposition

It’s worth noting that the very Democrats opposing the ACE Act could not secure enough votes for their own elections bill, H.R. 1. Their proposed legislation sought to expand voter access. Yet, they couldn’t rally enough support within their ranks. This inability to unite behind their initiatives reveals a glaring contradiction. It undercuts their credibility, further weakening their stand against the ACE Act.

The Democrats’ reactionary opposition to the ACE Act only exposes their discomfort with transparent and secure elections. Their resistance, far from being a show of strength, seems to be more of a defensive scramble. Only time will tell whether they can substantially respond to this robust Republican initiative.

GOP compares Ocasio-Cortez to Trump | The Hill

Source: The Hill

A Win for the Second Amendment

Republicans are joining together to make the election fair. Yet, Democrats are a mess. They’re scrambling to oppose the ACE Act. This reaction reveals their fear of the transparency it brings.


Democrats quickly say the ACE Act is ‘racist,’ ‘voter-suppression,’ or even ‘Jim Crow 2.0’. These unfounded allegations seem to be an effort to demonize the bill. They will not talk about other ways on a fair way to vote. The law aims at ensuring electoral integrity. Their ‘voter suppression’ narrative does not make sense. This knee-jerk reaction underscores their failure to present a logical counter-argument.

The Irony of Democratic Opposition

It’s worth noting that the very Democrats who are opposing the ACE Act are losers. They could not secure enough votes for their own elections bill, H.R. 1. Their proposed legislation sought to expand voter access. Yet, they couldn’t rally enough support within their ranks. This inability to unite behind their initiatives reveals a glaring contradiction. It undercuts their credibility, further weakening their stand against the ACE Act.

The Democrats’ reactionary opposition shows their lack of importance on fair elections. Their resistance, far from being a show of strength, seems more of a defensive scramble. Only time will tell whether they can mount a substantive response.

The ACE Act, where voters need an ID, helps create a level playing field. It’s all about ensuring that every vote count and that every counted vote is legitimate. This could be an unprecedented advantage for Trump, giving him a fair shot at the presidency.

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Trump Praise RFK Jr. – A Threat to Biden

Donald Trump, the former President and vocal critic of the Democratic establishment, recently praised Robert F. Kennedy Jr., branding him a “common sense guy.” This new alliance could prove strategic in the early stages of the 2024 nominating contest. RFK Jr. is now seen as a serious challenger to the incumbent President Joe Biden.

RFK Jr. Unexpected Popularity Surge

When RFK Jr. announced his presidential bid in April 2023, the political arena didn’t take him seriously. His unconventional views and firm stand against the mainstream narratives initially made him a political outsider. But swiftly, and to the surprise of many, Kennedy’s star started to shine brighter.

Kennedy’s campaign began gaining traction. Voters, disenchanted with the status quo, rallied behind him. His radical but resonant views struck a chord with a significant public segment.

The surge of support came to light in mid-June 2023 when polling data revealed his unexpected breakthrough. His campaign, once dismissed, was now making a compelling case. Double-digit polling numbers suddenly placed him on the map and firmly in the race.

Meanwhile, the Democrats, complacent in dismissing Kennedy, faced a rude awakening. The rise of an in-house contender was now a reality. Kennedy’s increasing popularity exposed the cracks within the party and raised questions about their strategic judgment.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. participates in a protest against the Covid-19 vaccination

Source: CNN

Moreover, Kennedy’s popularity surge reveals a broader narrative. It lays bare a growing dissatisfaction with the Biden administration and the direction of the current Democratic governance. This public sentiment, seemingly overlooked by Biden, now stands as a testament to Kennedy’s increasing appeal.


As we move further into the 2024 nominating contest, the dismissal of Kennedy was premature. His popularity surge represents a critical turning point for his campaign and potentially for the entire political landscape.

Flashback to 1980: Is Kennedy Set to Repeat History?

Political history often illuminates the road ahead. It provides critical insights into repeating patterns, and the 2024 nominating contest is no exception. The specter of the 1980 Democratic primary now looms over the current political scene.

In 1980, President Jimmy Carter, despite leading the Democratic party, faced a formidable challenge from within. Ted Kennedy, a Senator from Massachusetts, made a bold move to contest the Democratic nomination. This internal conflict within the party significantly weakened Carter’s position.

Although Carter survived the primary, he was significantly weakened. The bruising battle took its toll. Kennedy’s challenge exposed Carter’s vulnerabilities, stirring discontent. This culminated in Carter’s defeat.

Now, fast forward to the current political landscape. We see an eerily similar situation unfolding. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a bold challenger from within the Democratic Party, is rapidly gaining popularity. Incumbent President Biden, much like Carter, faces an unexpected, in-house challenge.

These parallels are impossible to ignore. A severe primary challenger tends to weaken an incumbent, even if they survive the initial face-off. Roger Stone, a veteran GOP operative, reinforces this pattern, reminding us that almost every challenged incumbent has tasted defeat in the subsequent general election.

Biden’s administration should take note of this historical precedent. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s popularity surge could be the catalyst for a repeat of 1980. This could hamper Biden’s second-term chances, opening the door wide for a Trump victory.

Donald Trump smiling

Source: NY Times


The Trump Card: A Strategic Maneuver

In politics, every move counts. Trump, the master of this game, knows this better than most. His recent praise of Kennedy has sent ripples through the political landscape, unveiling a clever strategic move.

Trump’s words of endorsement for Kennedy were no mere accident. He tagged Kennedy as a “common sense guy.” This statement is double-edged. On the one hand, it draws a line of similarity between him and Kennedy, appealing to voters on both sides of the spectrum. On the other hand, it paints a not-so-subtle picture of Biden as needing more common sense.

However, there’s more to this than meets the eye. Trump’s subtle support for Kennedy could also be a ploy to stir up more trouble within the Democratic ranks. By fueling Kennedy’s popularity, he might be aiming to split the Democratic vote, creating an easier path for himself in the general election.

This is a classic Trump move. His strategic prowess lies in his ability to keep his opponents on their toes, and this situation is no different. His backing of Kennedy puts additional pressure on Biden’s already strained campaign. It adds another layer of uncertainty to the 2024 nominating contest, keeping the Democratic party off balance.

Trump’s strategy is clear: use the growing popularity of Kennedy as a stepping stone for his political comeback. He seeks to exploit the fissures within the Democratic party to his advantage. If he successfully navigates this delicate situation, it could set the stage for a triumphant return to the presidency in 2024. Trump’s strategic maneuvering proves once again that every move counts in politics, as in chess.

Joe biden frowning

Source: The New Republic

The Implications for Biden and Beyond

The political maneuverings within the Democratic party are more than a spectacle. They signal significant implications for Biden and the political future of the United States.

At first glance, Biden’s reign appears to be threatened by an unlikely source. Kennedy’s rising popularity within the Democratic ranks is a clear warning. His unexpected success underlines the public’s increasing disillusionment with Biden’s leadership.


Biden now faces a dual-front challenge. Kennedy’s surge threatens his nomination. Conversely, a seasoned player, Trump, waits to capitalize on any discord. A formidable contender in the mix weakens Biden’s chances of a smooth reelection.

But the impacts stretch beyond Biden. Kennedy’s ascent, backed by Trump’s strategic endorsement, reveals a significant shift in public sentiment. This shift could profoundly reshape the political landscape, disrupting the status quo.

Trump’s tactical positioning against Biden and in favor of Kennedy could fracture the Democratic vote. It would pave the way for a potential Trump comeback. If he successfully leverages the unrest within the Democratic Party, his route to reclaiming the presidency might become significantly smoother.

The currents are shifting in the political ocean. The rise of Kennedy, the looming threat of Trump, and the growing disenchantment with Biden have created a complex and dynamic scenario. The implications of these developments will echo beyond the 2024 nominating contest, potentially changing the direction of American politics for years to come.

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Kamala Harris Gets Destroyed in the Polls

Vice President Kamala Harris faces historically low approval ratings, with a negative 17% net rating, marking an unprecedented low in public perception. Despite mounting criticism over her handling of the migration issue and the Biden administration’s efforts to revamp her image, Harris’s popularity falters. Amid concerns over President Biden’s fitness to serve, the GOP could capitalize on these vulnerabilities as the 2024 election approaches.

Low Approval Ratings: Harris Makes History

Vice President Kamala Harris is at the center of a historic low in approval ratings. According to recent polls, only 32% of registered voters view her positively, while 49% view her negatively. This stark contrast yields a net rating of -17.

A review of the past reveals the severity of this record. Mike Pence was the last vice president with a negative split, but his rating was only -4. Before Pence, vice presidents enjoyed positive ratings. Al Gore, in 1995, had a +15 rating. Even Dick Cheney, in May 2003, held a comfortable +23 rating.

Today’s data illustrates profound disapproval of Harris. Her -17 net rating surpasses her predecessors’ negatives. This marks a new low in vice presidential approval ratings. Harris’s popularity is waning.

Kamala Harris's dad on her pot-smoking comment: Our family wants to 'dissociate ourselves from this travesty' - MarketWatch

Source: Market Watch

Struggles with Image and Performance

Vice President Harris faces significant criticism. She leads the Biden administration’s migration effort. Yet, her performance draws criticism. Critics argue she overlooks the gravity of the issue.

Public appearances compound her image problems. Frequent bouts of “word salads” tarnish her reputation. These gaffes become a source of ridicule.


Despite these issues, Harris remains on Biden’s re-election ticket. The decision surprised many. The White House is trying to improve its image. However, significant challenges lie ahead.

Supporters of Harris come to her defense. They cite racism and sexism as factors in her unpopularity. Nonetheless, these claims do little to improve her approval ratings.

Senator Chris Coons remains confident in Harris. He deems her ready for the presidency. His endorsement, though strong, can’t mask the VP’s sinking popularity. Time is running out for Harris to turn things around.

Concerns over Biden’s Fitness to Serve

Anxiety around President Biden’s fitness is escalating. As many as 68% of registered voters now harbor concerns. These center on both his mental and physical capacities. This substantial majority questions his ability to serve as President.

Subsequently, Biden’s approval rating suffers. Barely 43% of voters currently approve of his performance. Conversely, 53% disapprove. These figures paint a concerning picture of the sitting President.

Despite these challenges, Biden maintains a narrow lead. If a rematch with Trump occurs today, Biden will receive 49% support. This data would be crucial if Trump, on the other hand, would gain 45%.

As Democrats and Independents perceive Biden’s weakness in the coming months, it creates an opening for the GOP to win the General. Trump also bolsters his chances by constantly keeping his name in the news headline. Each time there is a blunder in the White House, Trump’s name is visible to anyone looking for an alternative to Biden.



Harris’s approval ratings are historically low. This downward trend mirrors that of President Biden’s popularity. These factors present an opportunity for the GOP. Should Donald Trump face Biden in the general election, reclaiming the White House is possible.

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Tim Scott Hit’s Back on The View’s Racist Comments

The view's hosts

When Tim Scott announced his 2024 presidential election campaign, The View went hard with their criticism of the Republican Senator. Scott replied to The View’s racist comments and has appeared on the show to make a case for his campaign run.

Responding to The View’s Racist Comment

Tim Scott called out the view for their racist comment when they compared him to Clarence Thomas. The hosts characterize them as black Republicans who believe in pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and failing to understand systemic racism faced by African-Americans and other minorities in the United States.

Scott’s response resolutely declared his commitment to individual thought and freedom. “What fears them the most about me is that I’m the candidate who lived the American dream,” Scott said during a conversation with Lawrence, asserting his role as a defender of people who think for themselves.

Sen Tim Scott draws boos as he address The View's racist comments.

Source: Fox News

In a heated Republican field, Scott hopes to send an inspiring message to the American people. He stated that the “radical left” fears him the most because his life story disproves their narrative. However, despite being in a crowded Republican primary field, Scott firmly believes that his experience and ideas can help the party secure the popular vote.

Addressing another contentious issue, Scott defended the First Step Act, a significant jail reform bill in which he played a significant part. His opponent, Ron DeSantis, targeted the legislation, which called it a “jailbreak bill” that allowed dangerous people out of prison to re-offend. Scott defended the bill, citing its success in reducing the recidivism rate, and argued for its continuation.

Rebuking The View on Their Show

Senator Scott went on the view, which has his most vocal critics, to defend his values and views. The show is an excellent opportunity for the Senator to make a case for his presidency.


The Senator was asked to explain his views on systemic racism and the persistence of racial inequality in various aspects of American life, including economics, education, healthcare, criminal justice, and housing. Co-host Sunny Hostin referred to Scott as an “exception” given his successful career path, contrasting with the usual narrative for African Americans in the U.S.

Scott refuted this narrative, arguing it was a dangerous and offensive message to send to young people today. He stressed the importance of focusing on the positive advancements in representation and opportunity for African Americans. Scott cited the election of a black president and two black state secretaries as his examples.

He said:

I have a black police chief in my community, black head of highway patrol, black men and women who are anchors at ABC, CBS, ESPN, Fox News. We have black unemployment under 5% for the first time under a Republican president, a 95% high school graduation rate. Yesterday’s exception is today’s rule.

The Senator also criticized Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’s stance on teaching certain school content. When booed by the audience, host Whoopi Goldberg defended the Senator. She emphasizes the need for respect and dialogue on the show.

Critics later praised Scott’s performance on the show. Many noted his strength, command of facts, and optimistic demeanor. They also criticized the show’s hosts for their repeated attacks on conservatives, calling them unfounded and biased.

Scott’s appearance on ‘The View’ allowed him to reach an audience he wouldn’t typically have access to. The exchange underscored the continued racial and political tension in America. During the heated discourse, Scott could defend his views with a composed and steadfast voice.

Going on the view is a significant break for Scott since he is polling in the single digit within a crowded Republican primary race. He will need to do more than twice the work to have a chance of convincing Trump supporters.

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Biden Has 7 Point Lead for the 2024 presidential election

Biden Has 7 Point Lead for the 2024 presidential election

Washington, DC, on May 16, 2023, hosted the unveiling of the latest Reuters/Ipsos Issues Survey. The survey probed the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election and other vital topics, including the debt ceiling debate.

2024 Presidential Election Polling

The general election seems to favor incumbent President Joe Biden slightly, at least for now. Biden has 41% support among registered voters, edging out DeSantis, who trails at 37%. Moreover, when Biden squares off against Trump, he maintains the lead with 44% to Trump’s 38% for the 2024 Presidential Election.

Trump launches White House bid for the 2024 Presidential Election

Source: Arab News

The spotlight falls on the Republican favorite for the presidential nomination – former President Donald Trump. The survey portrays Trump leading the Republican primary field with 49% support. His support shows a steady increase from 44% in March 2023. The second-ranking Republican is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who secures a 19% endorsement. However, DeSantis’s support saw a significant dip, falling from 30% since March 2023.

The dynamics change when considering a three-way race. In a hypothetical contest between Biden (42%), DeSantis (22%), and Trump (22%) running as an independent, Biden continues to have the highest support. DeSantis and Trump stand on equal footing, sharing the remaining support evenly.

Concerns for the Debt Ceiling & U.S. Recession

The Reuters/Ipsos survey discloses some insightful figures regarding the debt ceiling and federal deficit issue. A slim majority of Americans, about 52%, report being reasonably aware of the debt ceiling debate in Congress. The figure reflects a six-point increase from March 2023, which was 46%.

Source: Barrons

Debt ceiling support shows a positive trend. Nearly two in five Americans, approximately 39%, support raising the debt ceiling, a considerable rise from March’s 32%. Conversely, opposition to the debt ceiling is down by nine points from March, reducing to 28%. However, the number of Americans uncertain about the issue remains roughly 34%.

An alarming 82% of Americans express concern over the risk of a U.S. recession if a debt ceiling agreement fails. The worry is not partisan, with Republicans and Democrats expressing similar concern at 87% and 85%, respectively. Additionally, the fear of personal or familial financial harm due to a debt ceiling impasse resonates with 77% of Americans. Again, both Republicans and Democrats mirror this concern, with 82% from each group expressing worries.


How the Poll Data is Gathered

Ipsos conducted a poll from March 31 to April 3, 2023, on behalf of Thomson Reuters. The data collection spanned 2,005 adults, all aged 18 or above, drawn from the continental U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii. The survey occurred exclusively online, and all respondents communicated in English.

2024 presidential election: Why a historically small presidential primary field is possible

Source: CNN

The distribution of political affiliation was as follows: 845 participants identified as Democrats, 706 as Republicans, and 252 as Independents. These categories provided a representative sampling of the country’s political leanings.

The sample for this study reflects fixed demographic targets. Ipsos made post hoc weights to population characteristics. These adjustments included gender, age, race/ethnicity, region, and education.

The Reuters/Ipsos survey presents a snapshot of the current political landscape. It illustrates the evolving race for the 2024 Presidential Election while providing a glimpse into the public sentiment toward the critical issue of the debt ceiling.

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